Things that just need to stop right now

Please, I beg of you, stop it.  If you are guilty of one of the crimes below, please know that I ask you to stop out of love.

  • Giraffe print bags.  OMG these are EVERYWHERE.  Listen up, if you are carrying the same bag as every other woman in the mall, then it’s time to get a new bag.  fuchsia-large-vicky-giraffe-print-faux-leather-satchelI was out at lunch having the soup/salad/breadsticks deal at Olive Garden with a girlfriend and we counted 7 of these bags within sight of our table.  THAT’S TOO MANY!
  • People who ask themselves questions and then answer them.  Ugh.  This gets on my nerves so badly.  Does it bother me?  Why, yes it does!
  • Facebook profile pictures that aren’t of you.  As we all know, FB is a virtual high school reunion.  When I get a friend request and I can’t quite place the name I’ll instantly look at the profile pic.  If the pic shows a child or a dog or a sports team’s logo and you are NO WHERE to be found in said picture, I click ignore.  I understand that people love and are proud of their dogs, children, teams, etc.  But we want to see your face!  So annoying when I want to see a long lost friend’s face and I have to dig through albums on their FB page because their pic is of a mountainside!  Look, everyone is a little self conscious.  This isn’t a beauty pageant. No one’s judging. Find the most flattering, RECENT, photo of yourself and stick it up there!
  • Speidi
  • Jon Gosselin
  • TV shows about people who have 49 children.  Hooray!  You gave birth a bunch of times!  Lots of people do it.  All over the world.  Not impressed.  Now, go adopt 23 kids (most with special needs) like this family and I’ll watch your show. They don’t have a show.  They should, because that my friends, is  IMPRESSIVE.

The Cruelest Show on Earth

You all know I’m an animal lover.  My love for animals goes way beyond my 3 pugs.  I was recently heartbroken when I saw a video made this year at Ringling Brothers Circus.  I’ve never been a fan of the circus and I’ve long known that they abuse SayNoElephantanimals, but to see that STILL, in 2009, that they haven’t cleaned up their act just sickens me. PLEASE do not support ANY animal circus.   Now, the circus says that PETA is just a wacky, out of control group, but hey, video doesn’t lie.  Need proof of what’s going on?

Click here and watch the video I saw recently.

Click here to read accounts of abuse straight from the mouths of Ringling employees.

Please tell your friends and family members about what’s going on in the circus.  Show them the pictures and the videos.  Animals can’t ask for help.  We have to step up for them.

Tiny Bladders Rejoice!

mens-room-contemporary-restroom FINALLY there is a resource online for those of us who can’t sit through a long movie without having to run pee. is so awesome I can barely contain myself!  They screen all the new movies that are currently out in the theater.  Then they post the best times to go pee.  And it’s easy to follow too.  You don’t have to time the movie or anything.  Example:  You’re going to see The Hangover.  RunPee will tell you that you have approx 4 minutes to run pee right after Phil calls the fiancee.  Then, if you want to see what you’ve missed, just click and they give you an outline of the scene you peed through!  Genius!  Most movies have at least 2 pee times.  Plus, they tell you if you should stay for the credits.  You know how some movies play extra scenes and whatnot during the credits.  There is also an iPhone app!  I know, I know, I agree- these people need an award or something!

Just keep fwimming

Yesterday Shannon & Emily met me over at Papa & Gigi’s house.  P&G were still at church.  We let ourselves in, changed into our swimsuits, put on sunscreen & hit the pool!   We swam for a long time.  It was fun playing with Emmy & chatting with Shannon.  Emily LOVES to “fwim”.  Gah she is just so cute!  I wish I had a waterproof camera, I’d have taken a ton of pictures.  P & G got home from church and came out to say hello.  A little bit later we went in for lunch. Emily! Gigi had a nice spread out for us.  Gigi gave Emily a cute little necklace- a clear crown that lights up with lcd lights.  Well Em just loved it.  And Papa & Gigi fell in love with her, calling her a darling and a delight.  Emily fell right back in love…with Papa.  She liked Gigi just fine but Papa was the talk of the day.  “Papa fwim?  Where Papa?  Papa outside?”  If you mentioned her necklace it was “Papa gave it to me.”  What can I say, Papa’s a ladies man!

Shannon & Emily left after lunch & Gigi & I pulled up the famous wedding dance video so Papa could see it.  If you haven’t seen it get ready to just love it!  I adore these people.  This video makes you want to be there.  Such a joyful scene!  Well, it brought tears to my eyes.  Gigi’s too.  We couldn’t wait to see Papa’s reaction.  The older he gets the more emotional he gets.  Well, bless his heart, by the end of it he was practically weeping.  Wiping his face, he was all overcome.  So cute!

We went downstairs and watched a couple movies.  Then I went home.  By the time I got home I was ON FIRE.  Dumb me didn’t reapply my sunscreen.  I haven’t had a burn in years and I’m not thrilled about this AT ALL.  I tossed and turned all night last night.  Just couldn’t get comfy.  I twittered about my situation and my tweet posted on my Facebook page too.  Luckily I have some super smart girlfriends who hooked me up with great suggestions.  The one repeated the most was vinegar.  I’m burned mostly on my shoulders, chest, upper back & face so a vinegar bath would have been difficult.  Instead I soaked some cloth napkins in vinegar and tied them around my upper self.  That way a napkin covered each shoulder and part of my back, and one covered my chest.  I look like a smelly superhero.  Captain Whitey!  Able to burn to a crisp in a single afternoon!  It is working though.  I foresee a much more comfortable night’s sleep tonight.  Thank you my ladies! xo

Blew me away

CSP & I were at Lowe’s the other day and I snuck a hummingbird feeder into the buggy. He didn’t think it was going to work. That I’d fill it up with nectar and it would sit lonely in the back yard. 030539970406md-1Within 24 hours 3 hummingbirds had declared our feeder to be their new nectar joint! Yay! I hung it on a shepherd’s hook. Since it drew a small crowd CSP was on board with adding another feeder to the other side of the hook. One of the male hummers is a little territorial and he’d been running some birds off from the feeder. We thought 2 would make it easier on him. By the way, CSP named them Hector, Heather & Pat. Pat because we can’t tell if one is a girl or boy.  We set up the feeder so we can watch them from inside the screened porch.  I’ll try and get pics soon.  They are so fast!

Anyway, back to Lowe’s we go. On the way we saw a Walmart truck & CSP remarked that it must be lost as there weren’t any Walmarts where we were. Or so we thought! They had built a new Walmart seemingly overnight without us knowing a thing about it. So we decided to check it out and see if they had hummingbird feeders there. We went in through the lawn & garden section and they had these ginormous fans! Biggest ceiling fan I've ever seen! Gale force winds! I’ve never seen anything like it! This Walmart was clean, had nice people, and I didn’t see a single child getting beat like we usually do.  They also had a better hummingbird feeder.  One with a perch going all the way around it and it was only $3.88.  We might actually return!