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Florida Fam Fest Day 4

Yesterday morning we woke up and helped Nanny get her car all packed.  BF (bio father) had driven Nanny up here for the visit.  She’s 86 so she doesn’t drive much anymore.  CSP is not BF’s biggest fan.  I knew CSP was outside taking the pugs potty but he was taking so long.  Nanny was asking for him so she stuck her head outside to say hello.  She called out “I love you!” across the yard.  Those of you who know CSP know that he is not one to call out I love you to anyone.  He’s shy and hates drawing attention to himself.  I was laughing so hard as I heard his voice yell “I love you too”.  Finally CSP came back inside.  It wasn’t until later that I found out he was hiding out in the hot back yard so he could avoid having to talke to BF.

BF & Nanny hit the road and we followed along soon after.  Sara, Marc, & the boys drove their own car.  We were all on our way down to Shealy’s to meet up with some more family members.  All 3 of Nanny’s sons were there: BF, Uncle Steve, and Uncle Kevin (of chopped off thumb fame).  Uncle Kevin’s wife Aunt Marcia was there, as well as Uncle Steve’s wife Aunt Lynn, their daughter Stephanie, and her children Cody and Abby.  We were a big group.  We managed to grab a table and enjoyed a wonderful Southern lunch.

After lunch we all went back to Uncle Kevin’s farm The boys had so much fun playing on Troy's new tractorto see the donkey & baby cows.  Pics after the jump. Continue reading “Florida Fam Fest Day 4”