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But why?  I’m always very interested to find out why people live where they do.  What made you decide to live there?  So why do you live where you do?

As for me…I grew up in SC.  When I was 16 my mom married Momo’s dad.  He worked in Charlotte so we packed up and moved to Charlotte.  I’ve been here ever since.  I’ve never lived in a city by my own choice.  Sure, CSP & I close to live in the various suburbs of Charlotte, and I’m so glad we moved to Charlotte or I would have never met CSP.  Coincidentally, CSP moved here within 2 weeks of my family.  His dad got a job here and they packed up and moved here the day after CSP graduated high school.  Ah, fate.  I think all this is why we’re so keen on moving to Knoxville one day.  Because we choose to go there, circumstances aren’t taking us there.

Anyway, so why are you where you are?

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  1. After I graduated high school, I stayed in the Charlotte area for another year or so and I moved to Wilmington, fell in love and never came home. Fell out of love, stayed in Wilmington and met Will. He was a Marine and I was a smokin’ hot college girl (hey, it’s my story…throwing props to me as I see fit 🙂 ) College ended and he was leaving active duty. We were Oklahoma bound; that’s where he’s from. My dad stepped in, offered him a job and he accepted it and we’ve been here since.

  2. We moved to DC right after grad school because that’s where the jobs were for us. Husband has a public policy degree and I have an environmental science degree, so there are lots of opportunites out here (more for him than for me at this point, but I’m employed and not complaining). I don’t see us living here forever, though.

  3. When I first moved out, I ended up in a city an hour plus away from home which was somewhat central for my hubby (b/f at the time) and our roommates. After our year lease ran up we all went out seperate ways and we ended up in an apartment 5 mins from my college, only 45mins away from my mom’s lol. We stayed in that city for 4 years, I loved it but we needed something bigger for the dogs so now we live closer to my mom’s and only ten mins away for me for work. We are still thinking of buying a place but here, the prices keep going up.. 😦

  4. I was living in another part of Iowa when I met a man online and later married him. I moved to his town in eastern Iowa because he had two kids still in school and a job that required him to be at work very early. (I commute 80 miles round-trip a day to my job.) His kids have now graduated, but he still has the early morning job, so for now, we’re staying in the same town. I always wanted to leave Iowa just to see if the grass is greener, but I haven’t yet and I’m in my mid-40s, so I doubt I do. And that’s OK…most of my family still lives here.

  5. Born & Lived in San Francisco until I was 10 because my parents lived there. Then San Diego because parents moved there. Lived there until I was 20. Then I chose to move to Los Angeles because that’s where my Ex lived. And I lived there until I was 30. Then I moved to Alabama where my fiance lives. And I really love it here. I love the people, the weather, just the whole atmosphere of the place.

  6. My family had moved to NYC since I was 5. I live in one of the five boroughs. Lived in two other boroughs(there are five in NYC). I would totally pick up and move if there was a job Niel would be happy in and do well and I could stay home with Olivia.

  7. After college, I moved to Savannah, GA for a job. We lived there for about 4 years and decided we wanted to get back to TN and near family. A job opportunity opened in Nashville and we lived there for just over a year when another job opportunity opened in Knoxville, which was closer to both our families. So..tada, that’s where we ended up.
    I hope you make it over our way sometime soon!

  8. Bill lost his job when Circuit City closed. He was hired by Macy’s (LOVE the discount! lol) and they moved us to Louisville. Though I can’t say the name the way a true Southerner would, I truly am loving it here!

  9. I love this topic. So fun to see everyone’s answers!

    Here’s mine:

    I grew up in a city about 40 minutes North of where I live now. When I met my husband we moved a short distance away, to a cute little beach town in Orange County, CA. We lived the there for 7 years and we loved it. We had to get out of the house we were living in and the rental market was tough at the time and we couldn’t find one single place that would allow dogs. Not one! And we had 2 dogs. Finally we found the place we are now. I hated to move away from the little beach town and was certain I would never love our new city. 7 years later and I love, love, love where we live. We’re in the process of relocating again and of course I’m convinced I will hate the new city we end up in(we can’t afford to stay in our current city). I’m sure I will learn to love it eventually. It’s change that I don’t like. Although I have moved 4 times we have always lived in Southern CA.

  10. I hadn’t thought of this in a while. When I graduated from court reporting school, my (then husband…now ex) wanted to move to the beach. We lived in Montgomery, Alabama…where I had lived all my life. I had an interview and got the job, so we moved to Gulf Breeze. Then four years later he wanted to move back to Montgomery (so he said). I had an interview and got the job so I went ahead and moved while he was supposed to come up and look for a job. He never came to look for a job but wanted me to come back after six months of my working and living in Montgomery. So I had passed the national test for court reporting and a court reporter in Pensacola found me by chance in Montg. and called me and asked if I would come interview for a job in Pensacola. I did and got the job. I moved back and got divorced two years later. When I came back he told me he didn’t know if he wanted to be married anymore and ended up that he was seeing the lady he is married to now while I was living in Montg.

    Thank goodness I came back to this area because I met my husband now and we’ve been married 15 years and I love it here….living near the beach. My sister lives here and my parents finally moved about an hour away…so all is good…except when hurricanes head this way.

  11. Hey Shanny! Let’s see… I grew up in Connecticut, went to school in Massachusetts. After college my (now ex) boyfriend and I moved down to Asheville, NC to fulfill my desire and curiosity of living in the South. That’s where I met you! Then, after about a year I realized how unhappy I was in 1) My relationship and 2) My job at a bank and 3) Being so far from my family. Sooo… I started looking for museum and arts jobs back up North. I ended up finding a job in Hartford, CT at a lovely museum. I moved to an adorable town right next to Hartford where my sister and her husband also live. My parents (and the vast majority of my extended family) live about 45 minutes away. Now that I’ve been back up North for 6 years and my sister has 2 kids, it’s so hard to imagine living far away. I HATE the winter but I love my family and New England in the summer, spring, and fall is lovely. Since I don’t have my own kids and I’m single, it’s almost impossible to think of moving away from my niece and nephew. Still, sometimes I think about moving somewhere else- Philadelphia, Seattle, a small town by the ocean…

  12. I was born in Peru and lived in the same house until I was 27 years old. I came to Miami to visit a boyfriend I had since the university; he had moved here a year before. He wanted to marry me and I wanted to break up; obviously we had to talk in person. I got a ticket to stay for a month at a friend’s apartment, but a week after I arrived I met a guy. I stayed for 11 months, 3 of them in San Dimas, California. I went to California because my relationship with this new guy was apparently going nowhere and also because i had the chance to go. (I never miss a chance to go anywhere!) I LOVED California and it is my favorite place to live if I could choose. BUT I had to go back to my country, since I was only a tourist. After 6 months this new guy sponsored me to come with a student visa. We married 2 years later. I hated this place for many years, it never felt like home and I barely have friends because I always thought that I was going to move somewhere else (my marriage was a disaster during the first 4 years mostly because his mother was here). My husband has 2 kids and shared custody of them plus he has been working in the same company for 20 years… so no chance to move out of Miami with him. About a couple of years ago I started appreciating South Florida. I like it now, except for the fact that my family lives so far away (Cananada & Peru).

  13. My husband and I were both born and raised in Texas. I moved to Phoenix for a while because I was a flight attendant and that was my base city. I moved back to Texas thinking of commuting but then I had my daughter and I decided to stop flying and be at home with her. I mean, at least in the same city. I wasn’t a SAHM yet. Later I had my son and I still wasn’t able to stop working.
    My husband got a great job offer in Tucson and after much consideration, we moved here. That was three years ago next month and we love it. He LOVES his job and I love that I was finally able to stay home and not have that guilty feeling about not being at home with my kiddies. The only difficult thing was moving away from family. We are the only ones that don’t live in the same city as the rest of our families. Luckily, my parents visit. A lot. Really, a lot. : )

  14. Jeff graduated from grad school in May 2000; he accepted a job in NY state; we got married in June 2000 and moved here without knowing a soul. Big move. So we came here because of his job. Then, we moved to our current location when a coworker told us about it ~ it reminds us of Indiana!

  15. My dad was career Air Force; my mom was a school teacher. After they met and married, they were transferred to Panama, where I was born. We moved around a bit until Dad retired; Mom pursued higher degrees all the while until she earned her doctorate. Dad had made a deal with my mom that upon his retirement, he would follow HER around. They both taught college in SC for many years, then my mom got a job with the public school system in the county where she was raised — in central NC. And so we landed here. I went off to college, swearing never come to back, but my senior year of college, I re-met Mark and we started dating. Since he was from this little burg, we settled here when we got married. It’s worked out nicely and finally feels like home.

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