Mother Clucker

So, this has been a tough week.  And I’ve had tough weeks before.  Hell, I’ve had a tough few years.  But this week, with Sara’s health.  And something else happened.  There’s this thing I’ve been working toward.  We’ll call it the chicken.  So for the last almost 2 years I’ve been trying to get this chicken.  I’ve put in countless hours, spent lots of money, jumped through hoops, all for the chicken.  Well this week, a day after finding out Sara’s bad test results, I found out that the people who are in charge of giving me the chicken won’t give me the chicken.  They changed their rules and are now completely out of the chicken business.  And there’s nothing I can do.  Nothing.  The chicken company won’t budge.  And this is a life changing chicken.  I mean, this is the motha cluckin chicken of all chickens.  At least for me.  So the last couple of days have been full of lots of poultry tears and worry and stress and loss.

And now I’m tired.  I know that this is my blog.  And I can write whatever I want on it.  And I started it as my journal.  But it is depressing me to think oh, I need to blog today and then think I have nothing good to say.  Nothing good has happened to me in so long.  Don’t get me wrong, I count my blessings.  I thank God every night for CSP, my family, my friends (including y’all), my pugs, etc.  But not one goal or hope or dream has worked out for me in YEARS.  And this chicken business is almost enough to push me over the edge.  I need a break.  I’m on Facebook and I have email and I’ll check all that a couple times a week.  But I need some time to just be unplugged.  Step back and focus on small things.  Like organizing my linen closet perhaps.  I need to create small victories for myself.

I’ll be back.  I haven’t been keeping this blog going for over 7 years to abandon it now.  I won’t be back tomorrow.  I’m not one of those drama queens who declare blog breaks only to be back in a day.  No, fixing up this old bird is gonna take a good while.  In the meantime, take care and thank you for being there for me.

*Just a quick edit to say that the Chicken has nothing to do with our adoption.  And thank you for all your supportive comments and emails. xoxo

Sara update

From Sara:
I had labs today but did not see the dr so this is only a partial update. My levels have gone down and my riticula (sp?) count is still high (meaning my red bloods cells are still being destroyed and the prednisone treatment didn’t work again). SO, I’m not sure where we go from here. I will let you know more next Tuesday which is when I go to see the dr again. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. And don’t worry, we’ll figure this thing out. I have the best dr I could ask for, so it’s only a matter of time. 🙂

From me:
Please continue to pray that this is fixable.

Viva la Excema!

So at Joey’s party, the funniest exchange happened  just as we were leaving.  Ok, first you need a little background.  Momo is dating a waiter from one of the local Mexican restaurants.  It’s all because of me by the way.  One day at the end of November, beginning of December, Gigi, Momo & I were all out at the nursing home then afterwards we decided to get something to eat.  So I voted Mexican.  They fought me and fought me but I won.  Papa joined us at the restaurant.  Throughout our meal every waiter in the joint peered in our dining area to get a look at Momo.  Then the bill came and our waiter said that Momo’s dinner was paid for.  We asked by who and they said Oscar.  So Momo said thank you and introduced herself and we left.  A couple weeks later Momo and I went to dinner there.  I made sure to spend a long time in the restroom after dinner so Momo would have to loiter in the lobby, giving her time to talk to Oscar.  Next thing you know, they are dating.  He was born in Mexico and speaks Spanish in that fabulous accent that makes all the girls swoon.

When Momo brings boyfriends around we all seem to turn into cougars in the den.  Her boys are getting older so it’s not as creepy as it would have been when she was in high school! 😀  Well Oscar came to Joey’s party.  When we were all leaving, Oscar said to Sara thank you for inviting me, etc etc.  About the same time I was telling her that she didn’t look so yellow that day (her disease makes her jaundiced).  We were talking about that and how was she feeling while Morgan explained to Oscar that Sara is sick and has a big spleen.  So he said goodbye to her with a nice hand shake.

Then it was my turn.  Oscar gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  I leaned back and told Sara about my hug and peck from the yummy smelling Mexican chico and pointed out that she just got a handshake because of her big spleen.  So Sara yelled out to Oscar:  Well… she’s got excema! I wonder if we’ll ever see that young man again.

Birthday weekend!

Sunday was Joey and Molly’s birthday!  Joey turned 4 and Molly turned 3.  Saturday was Joey’s birthday party. Joey at Jacob's basketball game I wish I could show you pics from the party.  But my big camera is still in the shop and I loaned my purse camera to Papa & Gigi to take with them to Asheville this weekend. I did take a few pics at his party, but I’ll have to wait til I get the camera back to show them to you. Joey had SO much fun at his party. He kept singing Happy Birthday to himself. He LOOOVED unwrapping each present, I think more than the presents themselves!

Molly’s celebration was more low key. Basically we just told her Happy Birthday and gave her lots of kisses. Look into my eyes....

Technical Difficulties

So this weekend was supposed to be Winter Photo Bloggy Days, but my camera is in the shop.  What about my purse camera you say?  Well Papa & Gigi are going out of town to celebrate Gigi’s birthday and they are borrowing my purse camera.  That means I would have no way to take pics of my weekend.  So I’ll reschedule.

Right now I’m working on a dvd for Joey’s birthday.  He wants a “movie” of all of his pictures.  Nothing like waiting til the last minute!  His party is Saturday!

Via con Dios, Gigi

While we were on the cruise Papa & Pete talked all about Pete & Lisa’s Mexican vacation in 2007.   CSP was there and heard the whole talk.  Well Gigi & I didn’t hear anything about this talk until just recently.  The whole subject came up again because Papa has decided that him and Gigi need to experience the same vacation Lisa & Pete did.  Down to the last detail.  So they are flying into Tucson, renting a Mustang, and driving to Mexico.  My mother is terrified.  She is convinced that she will be murdered by crazed banditos on this trip.  I have received numerous frantic phone calls about the trip.  “I’m so sorry we have so much stuff in this house that you’ll have to sort through upon our deaths.” and “Have you told Lisa that I hold Pete responsible for my murder?”

So I sent the following email to Lisa & Pete:

My Mother wants you to know that she is really peeved that Peter has laid out the plans for her death in Mexico.  Papa is so excited that he’s making them fly into Tucson, drive for hours across the border in the middle of the night.  Mom is convinced that she will be shot in the head while driving in the rental Mustang.  Of course he had to rent a Mustang and not something low key.  But she’s not going to shave her legs so at least if she’s raped by banditos then it won’t be as fun for them.  Apparently they are staying in the same hotel y’all did.  The one with no phone.  So now she’s worried that we won’t know they are dead for days and days.  She’s upping her life insurance and sending you the bill.

Lisa responded to the email and replied to my Mom and me.  She thought my email was hilarious and expressed that she was jealous she couldn’t join Papa & Gigi on their trip.

Mom replied:

Lisa Dear, This is not a joke. You know we’ll be murdered and not a soul will know about it until days later because there are no phones! (Thanks Pete!) Yes, and Hale wants us to show up on death row in a mustang! All the drug cartel will see us coming for miles. I told Shanny  that I’ll have to check in hour by hour so she’ll have a more accurate time of death. I don’t even have enough time to drop a few pounds much less learn Spanish AND get our affairs in order. I’ll just have to verbally let them know my wishes and you’ll have to come and help Shanny clear out our house! Pete can have Hale’s cigars. Looks like we won’t be making the anniversary cruise!

Why does the universe torture me so?

Every year I buy the boys Crocs for their birthdays. They love their Crocs.  I ordered them their Crocs again this year, and went up a size like I usually do so they can wear them all year.  Well, I don’t have kids yet so I’m not familiar with the size charts.  And since I don’t make bronze casts of their feet every year I don’t know exactly what their sizes are. Sara told me what size they are now, so I just went up one from that on the little pull down menu. Well, Joey’s shoes arrived just fine. But look what they sent me for Jacob.Teeniest Crocs ever! The tiniest Crocs ever! OMG I want to chew them or hang them from my rear view mirror in my car. They are SO cute. Of course I have to send them back. And I will. Tomorrow. I can’t have such tiny shoes in my house. Hurts my heart a little.