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Dream a little dream

I know that no one really cares what other people dream about at night, but I’m telling you, this was a doozy.  It must mean something!

So last night I had a flying dream.  I loooove flying dreams. In this one I had to deliver a talking elephant to Savannah, Georgia.  Her husband was waiting there in an underwater castle.  That’s hard enough but I was being chased by this guy80197301DL085_THE_RICHES_SE He’d catch me periodically and sit on my legs then open this case of dildos and vibrators.  Take each one out and pet it while looking at me all weird.  In order to escape from him I’d have to prick my finger with a silver needle, slide through a tube out the window to the street,  then cross the street to Best Buy where I could finally take off and fly again, all the while holding the needle.  And every time I’d get close to a place where I could drop off the elephant I’d get a message on my headset that the bad guys were on to me.  I woke up before I could get her delivered.

Very strange.  In case you’re wondering, I had nothing to drink last night besides tea.