Why does the universe torture me so?

Every year I buy the boys Crocs for their birthdays. They love their Crocs.  I ordered them their Crocs again this year, and went up a size like I usually do so they can wear them all year.  Well, I don’t have kids yet so I’m not familiar with the size charts.  And since I don’t make bronze casts of their feet every year I don’t know exactly what their sizes are. Sara told me what size they are now, so I just went up one from that on the little pull down menu. Well, Joey’s shoes arrived just fine. But look what they sent me for Jacob.Teeniest Crocs ever! The tiniest Crocs ever! OMG I want to chew them or hang them from my rear view mirror in my car. They are SO cute. Of course I have to send them back. And I will. Tomorrow. I can’t have such tiny shoes in my house. Hurts my heart a little.