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Viva la Excema!

So at Joey’s party, the funniest exchange happened  just as we were leaving.  Ok, first you need a little background.  Momo is dating a waiter from one of the local Mexican restaurants.  It’s all because of me by the way.  One day at the end of November, beginning of December, Gigi, Momo & I were all out at the nursing home then afterwards we decided to get something to eat.  So I voted Mexican.  They fought me and fought me but I won.  Papa joined us at the restaurant.  Throughout our meal every waiter in the joint peered in our dining area to get a look at Momo.  Then the bill came and our waiter said that Momo’s dinner was paid for.  We asked by who and they said Oscar.  So Momo said thank you and introduced herself and we left.  A couple weeks later Momo and I went to dinner there.  I made sure to spend a long time in the restroom after dinner so Momo would have to loiter in the lobby, giving her time to talk to Oscar.  Next thing you know, they are dating.  He was born in Mexico and speaks Spanish in that fabulous accent that makes all the girls swoon.

When Momo brings boyfriends around we all seem to turn into cougars in the den.  Her boys are getting older so it’s not as creepy as it would have been when she was in high school! 😀  Well Oscar came to Joey’s party.  When we were all leaving, Oscar said to Sara thank you for inviting me, etc etc.  About the same time I was telling her that she didn’t look so yellow that day (her disease makes her jaundiced).  We were talking about that and how was she feeling while Morgan explained to Oscar that Sara is sick and has a big spleen.  So he said goodbye to her with a nice hand shake.

Then it was my turn.  Oscar gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  I leaned back and told Sara about my hug and peck from the yummy smelling Mexican chico and pointed out that she just got a handshake because of her big spleen.  So Sara yelled out to Oscar:  Well… she’s got excema! I wonder if we’ll ever see that young man again.