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Behind the scenes

Me riding around on the mart cart! Y’all are so sweet about this picture, thank you! Not bad for a self portrait, huh? What you can’t tell is that I’m wearing Christmas Jammies in this picture. 0015_11650_mm There they are.  Quite festive, no?  I wore them all day Christmas.  CSP came into our bedroom right after I pulled on the pants and stopped short in horror.

Really?  You’re kidding right?

What?  It’s Christmas!  I’m being festive.

That’s one word for it.  You look like you escaped from a mental institution!

Later as we were about to leave the house I asked him…

Do I look ok?


Nice.  Ok, so do I look ok minus the clothes.

I’m sorry.  I can’t see past it.  It’s blinding.

Yeah, I’m married to the king of Christmas cheer! 😀

Oh, and…it was so fun being in the store all alone.  Just the 2 of us.  CSP said he was gonna go in the next day and pull the security tapes so he could see a crazy woman in her pajamas riding around in the mart cart!  At least I didn’t run into anything! 😀

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Christmas Day Recap

Christmas day I woke up at the Craaaack and started cooking. I had crock pot mac and cheese to make and cookies to bake. Christmas Eve day I had baked beer bread and lemon squares. I called over to Sara’s house to talk to her and the boys to see if Santa had come. He had! They were happily playing with their goodies.  After a while I went upstairs and dragged CSP out of bed.  We got ready and hit the road for Papa & Gigi’s house.  As soon as we got through the door Christmas Mayhem began!  First there were stockings to open.  CSP gets Anti Monkey Butt powder in his stocking! lol Then a flurry of wrapping paper as everyone opened their gifts.  Joey gets a magnifying glass Momo likes her new jacketJoey shows off his new toyPapa is so excited about his new hatThen it was time to eat.  After we ate we settled in to watch Mamma Mia, much to the dismay of the boys.  They disappeared pretty quickly to take naps and play outside.  Too quickly it was time to go!  CSP is a manager for a grocery store and we had to stop by the store on the way home to do a refrigeration check.  They have to make sure the coolers/freezers didn’t die while the store was closed.  CSP let me ride the mart cart around the store while he checked everything out. CSP let me ride around on the mart cart while he did his refrigeration check at work on Christmas So fun! Me riding around on the mart cart! I’ve never ridden one before.  When I had my knee surgery CSP wouldn’t let me.  He was worried I’d take out a display or something!   We were in and out the store pretty quickly, then made our way home.  The pugs were happy to see us after a long day.  We were so tired and were in bed, asleep by 8:30pm! More pics here.

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Christmas Eve Re-cap

In-laws' Christmas tree Christmas Eve after CSP got home from work we loaded up our presents in the car and headed out for his parents’ house. The first picture is his parents’ ginormous tree- so pretty! Marsha & Larry were there too (our honorary aunt and uncle). We all had dinner (their traditional oyster stew) then opened presents. Note- I hate oysters and I hate oyster stew. So our tradition is to stop by Jack in the Box on the way to his parents’ house every Christmas Eve we spend with them. Then I can just take a couple sips and pass my bowl over to CSP! We had fun opening our presents. CSP got some new shades. CSP sports new shades for Christmas Next thing you know it was midnight! Time to go. We didn’t get home until almost 1 am! I could barely sleep knowing I was going to have to be up again at 7am to finish cooking for Christmas day!

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Beating them off with a stick

The other day I had to run some errands on Momo’s side of town so I picked her up and brought her along. For those of you who have not met Morgan in real life let me fill you in. She’s 6 feet tall. Gorgeous. Big, beautiful smile. Funny. And wicked smart. Now let me describe to you what it’s like to go out with her. We ran our first couple errands and they were uneventful. Then we grabbed some dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.Momo across the table Well, you would think that those waiters had never seen a pretty girl before. They were all coming into our area to look at her. A couple literally ran into each other while staring at Momo!  There is one waiter there who loooves her.  Last time we were there he comped her meal!  After dinner we made a stop at Hobby Lobby (where a man almost ran into his wife looking at Momo) then CVS to pick up some Coke for Papa.  I waited in the car at CVS.  A group of 3 boys came around the corner and were tripping all over themselves looking at her.  She came out after a few minutes and told me they had whistled at her in the store.  Who knew they still whistled!?  Then while she was in the check out line they came out and I saw them jumping up and down to get one last look at Momo through the high windows.  I swear, she must feel like the Queen of England walking around!  Well, if Her Majesty could still rock a belly shirt.

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Yet another public sob fest

Last night Christina and I had a little girls’ night out last night.  We went to dinner at Chili’s then to see Seven Pounds.  This might seem a little weird, but sometimes I feel that when I’m out and about that people are looking at me.  Sure enough, while we were eating dinner Christina told me that the man at the next table had been staring at me the whole time.  So weird!  Then when we got up to leave I dropped my phone.  He picked it up and looked at the screen before giving it back to me.  And both he and his wife made funny comments about it.  Hmm.

Seven Pounds was really interesting and really good in my opinion.  Makes you think.  Man was it a cry fest though.  I forgot to grab napkins to bring in for tear wiping and there were no paper towels in the restroom and I forgot to grab tissue.  Luckily on my way back to the theatre I spotted a roll of paper towels and swiped them for us.  They came in handy let me tell you!

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Funniest Christmas card EVER

My aunt Marcia (wife of my Uncle Kevin who cut off his thumb a couple years ago) always sends the most beautiful Christmas cards.  She hand draws gorgeous Winter scenes.  Cardinals in pine trees, poinsettias, etc.  So when my card came in the mail this week I couldn’t wait to see what she came up with this year.  I opened the envelope, pulled out the card and almost spit my drink right out!  I’ve never laughed out loud just by looking at a Christmas card before!  Check it out… Continue reading “Funniest Christmas card EVER”

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I just saw that my sister Momo is now friends with one of my bloggy peeps on Facebook!  If you’d like to be friends with my sisters Momo and Sara, go to my FB profile and check out my friends.  They are the only friends I have named Morgan and Sara spelled that way.  Out of respect for their privacy I’m not going to list last names here or anything.

Ok, off to wrap presents!