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Via con Dios, Gigi

While we were on the cruise Papa & Pete talked all about Pete & Lisa’s Mexican vacation in 2007.   CSP was there and heard the whole talk.  Well Gigi & I didn’t hear anything about this talk until just recently.  The whole subject came up again because Papa has decided that him and Gigi need to experience the same vacation Lisa & Pete did.  Down to the last detail.  So they are flying into Tucson, renting a Mustang, and driving to Mexico.  My mother is terrified.  She is convinced that she will be murdered by crazed banditos on this trip.  I have received numerous frantic phone calls about the trip.  “I’m so sorry we have so much stuff in this house that you’ll have to sort through upon our deaths.” and “Have you told Lisa that I hold Pete responsible for my murder?”

So I sent the following email to Lisa & Pete:

My Mother wants you to know that she is really peeved that Peter has laid out the plans for her death in Mexico.  Papa is so excited that he’s making them fly into Tucson, drive for hours across the border in the middle of the night.  Mom is convinced that she will be shot in the head while driving in the rental Mustang.  Of course he had to rent a Mustang and not something low key.  But she’s not going to shave her legs so at least if she’s raped by banditos then it won’t be as fun for them.  Apparently they are staying in the same hotel y’all did.  The one with no phone.  So now she’s worried that we won’t know they are dead for days and days.  She’s upping her life insurance and sending you the bill.

Lisa responded to the email and replied to my Mom and me.  She thought my email was hilarious and expressed that she was jealous she couldn’t join Papa & Gigi on their trip.

Mom replied:

Lisa Dear, This is not a joke. You know we’ll be murdered and not a soul will know about it until days later because there are no phones! (Thanks Pete!) Yes, and Hale wants us to show up on death row in a mustang! All the drug cartel will see us coming for miles. I told Shanny  that I’ll have to check in hour by hour so she’ll have a more accurate time of death. I don’t even have enough time to drop a few pounds much less learn Spanish AND get our affairs in order. I’ll just have to verbally let them know my wishes and you’ll have to come and help Shanny clear out our house! Pete can have Hale’s cigars. Looks like we won’t be making the anniversary cruise!