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What did I tell you 2009?

Look, we’re only a couple days into our relationship and you’re already pissing me off. I don’t mean to be demanding, but COME ON.

First I dropped my beloved camera.  I know that’s not your fault, but you could have sent the good luck fairies over to me.  I have the camera armor on it, a protective lens, the works.  And it just dropped from the kitchen counter to the floor.  My neighbor dropped hers on her concrete driveway and it didn’t bat an eye, just kept on working.  Well you didn’t send the fairies and now my camera isn’t working.   I’ll take it in to be repaired and hopefully they won’t tell me that I might as well buy a new one.  Cause if they do I’ll just curl up into a ball on their floor and cry because I can’t afford a new one.

Second CSP made me put our Netflix account on hold.  It’s a money saving move.  While I am all for saving money, Redbox just does not have the selection Netflix does and they like for you to bring the movies back in a timely manner. Me working on Southern time doesn’t fly with the Redbox peeps.

More importantly, all this waiting to find out what’s wrong with Sara is driving me, and her (of course), and the whole family, nuts.  How is it that blood test results take 30 seconds to come back on Grey’s Anatomy but in real life they take weeks?  Look 2009, we already have one family member fighting leukemia (my aunt, she’s doing better), we can’t afford another one.  Esp Sara, ‘kay?

Big thanks to my world wide web bloggy peeps for all the thoughts and prayers.  They are much appreciated.