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Birthday weekend!

Sunday was Joey and Molly’s birthday!  Joey turned 4 and Molly turned 3.  Saturday was Joey’s birthday party. Joey at Jacob's basketball game I wish I could show you pics from the party.  But my big camera is still in the shop and I loaned my purse camera to Papa & Gigi to take with them to Asheville this weekend. I did take a few pics at his party, but I’ll have to wait til I get the camera back to show them to you. Joey had SO much fun at his party. He kept singing Happy Birthday to himself. He LOOOVED unwrapping each present, I think more than the presents themselves!

Molly’s celebration was more low key. Basically we just told her Happy Birthday and gave her lots of kisses. Look into my eyes....

3 thoughts on “Birthday weekend!”

  1. Olivia is still singing happy birthday to herself and when we tell her it’s over to next year, she tells me to just pretend. That’s what ‘maginations are for.

    And round 14,000,000 begins. Happy b-day Joey and Molly!


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