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Gettin snippy

I have anxiety.  And it really goes into full gear just before a big event or trip, which is ironic as I love to travel and entertain in our home.  I get especially anxious if I feel like I don’t have enough time to prepare for said event or trip.  My to do list is shrinking, but I keep thinking of new items that get added every day.  And there are a couple things I can’t locate that need to go with us on the trip.  I know they are in this house somewhere, just hiding from me.

So when I get anxious I can get a little snippy.  And it all came to a head today when I got my hair done.  I won’t torture you with a pic because it will really only torture me.  I tried a new girl today on a friend’s recommendation.  I told her what I wanted and what my problems were.  My last girl had turned my hair white with brown stripes.  I used to be blonde!  Well now…now I’m dark brown with red!  I almost cried when she spun me around.  I should have demanded she fix me right then but I couldn’t talk or I would have cried so I just got out of there.  I’m going back on Friday to get it fixed but that is REALLY CUTTING IT CLOSE and I just don’t have the time to be sitting in a salon for another 3 hours!  Waaaaaah!  We leave on Saturday!

In my time of annoyance other things are really getting on my nerves.  I’m going to vent about them right here because this is my blog and America and it will make me feel better.  Disclaimer:  I am in no way perfect.  I know this.  No need to remind me.

  • Misusing apostrophes.  I don’t know what your book’s and teacher’s and school’s taught you, but I learned that plural word’s don’t get an apostrophe.  This drives me up the wall.  I hate reading sentences like that.  There is a business I drive by pretty regularly that misuses an apostrophe and it makes me want to call them and tell them I won’t give them my business because of it.  Truly though, I’d never have any use for them anyway, they are a screen printing business.  Outrageous Logo’s.  UGH.  Fix it!
  • When I’m trying to get ready for an event in my home or to leave to get somewhere on time, the hour before GO TIME is very, very busy in my house.  Why then, does my husband decide to call me from work WITHOUT FAIL while I’m running around like a chicken?  I don’t have time to talk to anyone!  And usually you know what he’ll say?  “You about ready?”  AARRGGHH!!!
  • Call me ONE MORE TIME to tell me about early voting and I WILL HURT SOMEONE.  Check your records punks.  We already voted.
  • Don’t talk to me about politics.  It is too heated of a subject.  And please don’t say to me “You didn’t vote for So and So did you?” like if I did then you might need to rethink our relationship.  I don’t ask you because it is none of my business.  I don’t ask and I don’t judge.
  • You know what irks me lately?  When I’ll say something like “I’m going to cook that chicken now.”  And someone will say “You haven’t cooked that chicken yet?”.  Obviously I haven’t.  Or I wouldn’t be cooking it again, now would I?

Whew!  Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out I feel better.  Anything you’d like to get off your chest?

And just so you know I’m not a bitter old hag….a few things that are bringing me joy of late:

  • America’s Funniest Videos.  My favorite show of all time.  I laugh out loud every week.
  • Blanca still has that new car smell.
  • Rite Aid is doing this deal where if you transfer over prescriptions they will give you a $30 gift card for each script up to 4.  That’s $120 I’m getting in free hair gel (I’m married to the Fonz), sunscreen, and Thanksgiving cards.  Finally, my old lady medicine cabinet is paying off!
  • Linens ‘N Things is going out of business.  Sucks for them, good for me.  Cause now I can replace some of our china that has chipped over the years for 30% off Mikasa’s prices.  Woot!
  • My sister Sara recently took some ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL photos at a local rose garden.  They look like stills from a magical movie or pages from a lovely book.  Go check them out!

12 thoughts on “Gettin snippy”

  1. Hee! Some of those were funny. I mean, annoying for you, but funny to me. I totally agree with you on the political stuff. People simply don’t play nice when it comes to that topic. Especially this year. I don’t ask, and I don’t tell. It’s none of their business what my political views are. I can’t believe you leave on Saturday. Time flies!


  2. Sorry darling, but I’m terrible with apostrophes and grammer in general. I really hate it, so I rarely bother with trying to remember the rules.

    But I’m right with you about the political thing. Why do people ask? If you voted for the opposite canadate, aren’t you risking possibly hurting a friendship? I mean, it just seems like a stupid question….and people are constantly asking me at work. Ugh!


  3. I also get very impatient when I am rushing around before something. And America’s Funniest Home Videos is a favorite of mine as well.


  4. ooo girl I hear ya on ALL of those. ugh. my FAVORITE is this though. I call to ask my mother if I can borrow something.. or I tell Steven that I need to go buy something and they say ” Dont you have on of those?” uhhh yeah. thats why I need another one.. so as not to use the one that I already have. ugh. impossible.


  5. Oh no!! I am sorry about your hair!!I hope they fix it for you.
    Haha my husband is the same way except I’m out running errands and he texts me constantly.. home yet? home yet? Ahhggg! I’m canadian, we already voted and the person that everyone said they weren’t going to vote for, won. Go figure.
    And I am totally judging you.. heehee just joking!
    I hate when people type in texting short hand, I don’t even text like that, why are you writing like that??? :p


  6. Good grief! I have too many to count. Let’s see…

    1. It irks me whenever I try a new recipe that doesn’t come from Ina Garten or Paula Deen, why does it turn out terrible. Don’t do the Slow Cooker Asian Short Ribs from Real Simple. Trust. Me.

    2. It irks me when I get really tired I get weepy, and then I look weak.

    3. It irked me today when one of my students challenged me on the discretionary use of the “comma.” I really wanted to say, “Don’t challenge me – I grade your comma-less paper.” But I can’t because my job relies on student evaluations.

    4. It irks me when people a) bring children to rated “R” movies, and b) when I can hear people eating in the movie. Since when did a movie theater become your restaurant? Gosh! The sound of those cows chewing all of that popcorn and crap. UGH!

    Thanks, I need that.


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