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Come sail away

November 2008 We leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow! I still have a bunch of stuff I need to get done tonight, but that’s mostly laundry, packing, and cleaning. I did bunch more running around today. Got my hair fixed so I don’t look like Reba’s cranky aunt anymore, bought a bunch of fun stuff at the ABC store (Disney cruises are BYOB- how cool is that?! They have bars on the ship but still let you byob too), got a pedicure, picked up some last minute things at the dollar store, and bought a bunch of snacky stuff for the in-laws to eat while we’re gone. That’s right would be burglars- our house will be occupied by a wily librarian and a crabby judge.  Break in and he’ll put you away forEVAH while she looks at you v. v. sternly.

I will not have (or miss, frankly) internet access while I’m gone.  BUT I will have my phone and be Twittering while stateside.  It will help me remember what we did each day (see ABC store note above) so I can blog about it when we get home.  What will we be doing each day?

  • Saturday 11/1- drive down to Orlando.  Rehearsal dinner at Polynesian hotel at Walt Disney World. After dinner drive to Cocoa Beach and check in to our hotel for the night.
  • Sunday- wake up, have breakfast, then go get in line to board the ship!
  • Monday- wake up in the Bahamas!  Explore Nassau.
  • Tuesday- wake up at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island.  Today is wedding day for Lisa & Pete! Yay!
  • Wednesday- fun day at sea.  Recover from above and enjoy the ship.
  • Thursday- leave the ship.  Cruise is over.  But vacation is not!  Spend the night in Cocoa Beach.
  • Friday- say goodbye to Papa & Gigi as they hit the road for home.  Have I mentioned yet that my wonderful, darling, CSP is treating Papa & Gigi to this cruise as a thank you for being so supportive? It was all his idea too!  We presented them with the cruise last Thanksgiving.  There were many happy tears.  We adore Papa & Gigi and love to hang out with them and can’t wait to spend this week with them!  They so deserve it!  Ok, so they go home Friday but we head over to Lakeland to visity my Nanny and other family.
  • Saturday- hit the road for home!  I’m sure we’ll be excited to see the puggies that night!

Have a lovely week!  I’ll be back with tons of pics I’m sure!