Weekend wrap up & major to do list

Saturday it rained all day.  I think we’re finally finished with the hot weather around here.  Yay!  I worked around the house then went over to Christina’s for a Pampered Chef party.  I hung out after the party with her and her little girl Ella.  Ella is too cute!

Today I ran some errands with Sara and hung out at her house a bit.  Then we picked CSP up from our house and left him at Sara’s.  He’s smoking cheese with my BIL tonight since it’s finally cold enough.  You can’t smoke cheese if it’s hot out or the cheese will melt.  Frankly I think they just use cheese smoking as an excuse to hang out together.

I have a VERY busy 2 weeks ahead of me before we leave for the cruise.  Tomorrow I have to have an upper gi endoscopy.  I’m nervous.  My sister woke up during her’s.  I hope they knock me out good!  I can’t imagine waking up with a big tube down my throat!

Other things on my list for the next 2 weeks:

  • laundry
  • pack for trip
  • clean house top to bottom (in-laws are staying here while we’re gone)
  • buy dog food
  • draw map and make little household manual for in-laws so they can get around while they’re staying here.
  • pay all bills
  • make jewelry for me for Shannon’s wedding, cruise, and for gifts
  • mail out packages
  • get guest room and guest bath ready
  • put flea stuff on pugs, give them their heart worm pill
  • polish silver jewelry
  • doctor appt
  • dentist appt
  • hair appt
  • pedicure
  • wrap Shannon‘s wedding present
  • go to Shannon’s wedding
  • confirm hotel reservations in Florida
  • pick up dresses at alterations place (including bridesmaids dress)
  • mail out Halloween cards
  • take pugs’ picture for Halloween cards
  • learn to manage time more wisely.  Yikes!

This trip seemed SO far away for so long.  But now it’s like I need more time!  Of course at the same time I can’t wait to go!  Maybe I should just put some RedBull in an IV for the next week!

7 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up & major to do list”

  1. Good luck with the upper GI thingy. Let us know how it goes…I have to do one on Friday!! Did your sister feel anything when she woke up while it was going on?????


  2. Sounds like you are definitely going to be a busy bee. I also wish you luck with the upper GI procedure. Oh and don’t forget me about Halloween cards, I would love to see the puggies again. 🙂 Miss u.


  3. Busy busy gal! Good luck!

    I had that test taken both down my throat and the other way too. Woke up for down my throat as well. Don’t worry they knock you back out right away. If you do wake up which is really, really, really rare then all you are is confused. I thought it was a dream. Didn’t even feel the tube. Hope this helps!


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