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Mustachio wedding

Yesterday I attended the wedding of my dear friend Shannon and her beloved Mustachio.  It was beautiful.  She was beautiful.  Emily was just precious in her poofy dress.  And Tony’s mustache has never looked better.  CSP had to work (since we’re leaving in less than a week for Lisa’s wedding) so Gigi (my Mom) was my date.  Gigi developed a little crush on Shannon’s BIL, Dreamy Kevin.  We sat at table #6, the fun table!  Shannon’s dad, sister, and Tony’s brother all gave great toasts.  There wasn’t a dry eye when Shannon’s Dad teared up.  It was so sweet!  I am just so happy for her.  What a year she’s had!  Became a mother and a wife in less than 12 months! But enough jibber jabber, I know you want to see pics!Here comes the bride
Well, I was going to post more pics, but Flickr is giving me trouble. Luckily I’d already snagged the link to the set.
See all the pics I took here.

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  1. Ahhhhhh I can’t believe you go on your cruise in 6 days!!! You are going to have so much fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


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