What we have here is a failure to communicate

So CSP took me to my appointment today for my upper gi endoscopy.  They took my vitals and asked the standard questions like when was the last time I ate or drank.  So I answered them.  And that’s when the trouble started.  When they scheduled my procedure the girl told me no eating within 3 hours of the thing but I could drink up to the start time.  Apparently that was wrong.  Apparently she was supposed to tell me no eating within 6 hours and no drinking within 2.  So now I have to go back Wednesday for this whole thing and my whole day was screwed up.  Bleh!

Why am I having this done?  Well, I’d really rather not get into that on the internets right now.  But we’re having some medical issues in my family.  My sister and I are both chronically anemic and tests are being done.  Once I have some answers then I’ll share.  Thank you for your concern!