Mama said knock you out

There’s something about my family that makes us resistant to anesthesia.  So when we get it we need it in large, strong doses or we will wake up during procedures.  I was really nervous about my Upper GI Endoscopy because my sister woke up during hers and FREAKED.  But who wouldn’t when you wake up and there’s a tube down you’re throat and you’re just medicated enough to not remember why there’s a tube down your throat?  So I told them all this and they promised to knock me out and they sure did.  So much so that all of yesterday was a sleepy, fog headed, scratchy throated blur. CSP took super good care of me.  Wish I could say the same for the nurse who tried to start my IV.  She tried in my wrist and my inner arm and couldn’t get it.  But managed to bruise my up quite nicely.  So she called over the man nurse who ended up putting it just outside my arm pit.  SEXY.  But he didn’t hurt me, so he’s my hero.

Billy Bob Thornton’s twin was my anesthesiologist.  He gave me the good stuff and all I remember is “roll over on your side, Sweetie” then “Shannon, wake up”.  BBT’s twin told me that I would have spotty amnesia over the following 24 hours and HE WAS NOT KIDDING. Not only was I super sleepy for the next day and a half I don’t remember half of it.  This isn’t such a bad thing.  I’m pretty dang rested right now!

The rescheduling, procedure, and subsequent medicinal coma has really screwed up my week though.  My to do list is no shorter now then it was on Monday.  And that is not a good thing.  I’m excited about crossing one thing off tomorrow.  And that’s going to Shannon & Mustachio’s wedding!  I’m so happy for them!

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  1. Wow … I bet that you’re SO relieved to have that procedure over with. Are you going to reveal soon why you had it done, or is it a private thing? (If so, I completely understand.) Glad you had a good time at their wedding! Congrats to them!


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