Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got

Well, it’s started.  CSP is earning his title again.  He’s worried about me wearing my rings on the cruise.  And not because he thinks I’ll lose them in the water or anything.  He’s more concerned about the possibility of an international diamond thief cruising the halls of the ship, stalking me, then snatching my bridal set just before he steals away into the night.  It’s so sweet.  Especially because I have never in my life been worried about going anywhere wearing my rings.  It’s not like I’m wearing the Hope diamond. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my rings. I think my engagement ring is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. But we’re not rich people and it is not huge by any means. My arm doesn’t get tired wearing it. I don’t have to hire tiny men to help drag my left hand around. But the fact remains that it is the single most expensive piece of jewelry my man has ever purchased. So he worries when we hit the open seas. Luckily there’s a bar on the ship. A couple beers should help ease his mind so I can go snorkeling without a body guard.

8 thoughts on “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got”

  1. What’s CSP’s title? Super King of the Worryworts?

    How long will you be on your cruise? Are you taking your laptop?

  2. LOL. This so sounds like something my hubby would dream up. All funny and paranoid. Whenever something goes missing he freaks out and thinks it must have accidentally thrown it away. Too bad he’s one of the most forgetful people ever and he’s usually just dropped it in the fridge or something.

  3. That’s why your rooms have safes! Just don’t do what my hubby did and stuff the camera and bag into so it gets jammed and won’t open.. :p

  4. We have travelled quite a bit and I would say you have worry more about pick pockets than you do someone taking off with your jewelry – especially if its on your finger.

    Once on a trip (in Switzerland) a friend took her ring off to wash her hands and left it on the edge of the sink. Didn’t notice for 3 or 4 hours and by then we were quite a ways away. Lo and behold, she called back to the place and it was rigth where she left it. Then they were nice enough to overnight it to her to our next destination.

  5. we gotta get that boy a beer IV drip. STAT. actually I think its very sweet that he thinks of these things for you. awww. cant wait cant wait to see yall!

  6. lol that is so funny and cute… I can’t even wear my rings anymore and i feel so naked now…

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