Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I’ve got

Well, it’s started.  CSP is earning his title again.  He’s worried about me wearing my rings on the cruise.  And not because he thinks I’ll lose them in the water or anything.  He’s more concerned about the possibility of an international diamond thief cruising the halls of the ship, stalking me, then snatching my bridal set just before he steals away into the night.  It’s so sweet.  Especially because I have never in my life been worried about going anywhere wearing my rings.  It’s not like I’m wearing the Hope diamond. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my rings. I think my engagement ring is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. But we’re not rich people and it is not huge by any means. My arm doesn’t get tired wearing it. I don’t have to hire tiny men to help drag my left hand around. But the fact remains that it is the single most expensive piece of jewelry my man has ever purchased. So he worries when we hit the open seas. Luckily there’s a bar on the ship. A couple beers should help ease his mind so I can go snorkeling without a body guard.