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Fall Photo Bloggy Days!

Meet the players:

And now me!

Woke up Friday and went out to the back porch with my morning drinks: Morning drinks Took the pugs out to do their business. Taking the pugs out to do their bidnessHung out on the back porch while the pugs played outside for a while: Chilling out on the back porch Went inside and had breakfast then caught up on the latest Grey’s Anatomy: Catching up on Grey's Then went through the big bag of stuff we cleaned out of my old car before trading it in. Sorting out all the stuff we cleaned out of my old car I did some house cleaning then took a shower and got ready to go out. Drove down to my Mom’s and picked her up then we went to Bunco in her neighborhood. Gigi, the bunco queenPlaying buncoAfter Bunco we went back and hung out at Mom’s for a while. She showed me her new creepy gargoyle. Mom's creepy goblin guyMom's creepy goblin guyWe watched some House Hunters and hung out for a while. Then I hopped in the car and drove home! Driving home
Thank you to everyone for playing along!


Photo Bloggy Days are here!

Tomorrow is the Fall 2008  Edition of Photo Bloggy Days!

Take a picture at least once every 2 hours. Photograph everything:
your breakfast, the inside of your shower, your view when you wake
up, what you see on your commute to work, your desk, your lunch, you
get the idea! Things you think are every day and mundane to you are
interesting to us!

Post your photos of Friday &/or Saturday 10/17 & 10/18. You can do both
days to show the difference between work & play, or just the one day.
I wanted to include a business & non-business day for variety. For
those of us who don’t work outside the home, don’t fret- there’s tons
of stuff for you to photograph!

Join our Flickr PhoBloDays photogroup!

Take pics of your day then post them later. Like you can take pics
all day Friday then post them on Saturday or Friday night. Take your
Saturday pics then post them Sunday or Saturday night or Monday even.
No need to continually post throughout the day. Although you can do
that too if you’d like. It’s totally laid back about when you post.
Just make sure your photos are of Friday and/or Saturday. The main
goal is to be able to go to different blogs and see what our bloggy
friends were doing at the exact same time. Like I wonder what Lisa in
Baltimore was doing while I was having lunch in Charlotte. That kind
of thing.

Carry your camera with you all day. Start now to get into the habit.
Go to sleep with your camera by your side!

If you’d like to take part remember to leave a comment or
email me heyshanny at gmail dot come to let me know and I’ll link to you on the big day.

Hope you’ll play!

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Tattle tale

CSP is sitting behind me watching a bunch of lame tv shows for 3-4 minutes at a time.  Just long enough for me to get mildly interested before he switches to a new channel.  Grrrr.  Why we are suffering through this parade of mediocre tv when we could be watching Big Love season 2 disc 3 right now is beyond me.  The things I put up with being that man’s wife, I tell ya.

But that’s not the point of this post.  I keep saying that I will write down the cute things that Jacob (who no longer wishes to be called Jake.  Just Jacob or Jakey) and Joey say.  Then I forget.  Then I remember a few days later, just in time for a blog post.

So…the other day I took Joey to the bathroom where he went pee pee in the potty and I clapped and cheered.  Then I went pee pee in the potty and Joey clapped and cheered and yelled “Yay Shanny!  You went pee pee in the potty!” Joey gets SO excited when we play Wii Then the other day (anything beyond yesterday is “the other day” whether it was a day or a week ago), I was trying to get some hugs and kisses when Joey turned to his mom and said “Mo-o-o-om, Aunt Shanny’s bothering me.”  Nothing like getting ratted out by a 3 year old.

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Wii play

My family came over tonight for chili eating and Wii playing. Joey rooting for his Daddy during Wii play I made a ginormous batch of beer & black bean chili.  YUM.  Gigi (my mom) brought over yummy corn muffins.  But the highlight of the evening was playing the Wii with my nephews Jacob and Joey.  OMG they are just too cute.  Joey gets SO EXCITED for everyone. Joey gets SO excited when we play Wii I’ve never been cheered for so much while bowling.  But then he bowled a strike and we WENT WILD.  He stood there silently, staring at the screen.  When the cheering stopped he turned and said “Uncle Jon’s turn!”  Cracked us up.  Jacob gets very serious about the whole thing. Take that!  And that!  Jacob giving Papa a right hook on WiiJacob won!  He KO'd Papa in Wii boxing! And if I bowled a sub-par turn, he’d turn to me and say “Aunt Shanny, you just gotta throw it right down the middle, ok?”  Ok.  Thanks coach! Jacob coming in for a high five after Wii bowling a strike Our BIL Marc gets just as into the Wii as his sons do. Marc really gets into Wii boxing I don’t know what’s more fun, playing or watching other people play!  You can see all the pics I took here.

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Wedding prep

Today I went over to Shannon’s The bride to be!house to help her with the place cards Shanon picked out pretty ribbon and calligraphy markers for her wedding place cards for her wedding reception.  She’s going to be Mrs. Mustachio in less than 2 weeks!  Woo!  Miss Emily was worried I was a babysitter and that her mommy was going to leave. Miss Em But she warmed up pretty quickly and we had a big time. Emily was so happy to help! She “helped” us with the place cards all afternoon.  Emily helped us with the place cards Em is just SO cute and such a happy baby! I love those little pursed lips! She “talked” on the phone to her Daddy while helping us. How do you work this dang thing??I'll be with you in a minute, I'm on a call here. So cute!
The colors Shannon chose are so pretty, very Autumnal.  I can’t wait for her wedding!  It’s going to be gorgeous!  Perfect time of year for a wedding in the Carolinas.

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Twittering when wet

Last night I had movie night with Candice.  We watched Made of Honor.  Totally predictable, but cute.  Esp cute was Kevin McKidd.  Of course, anyone with an accent instantly has a higher swoon factor than regular talkers.

Tonight I took another epsom salt bath.  They are really helping with my excema.  Of course I have to lie in the bath on my stomach because I have no excema on my back side.  This can be awkward.  CSP came home from work to find me this way and laughed.  But he was proud that I put the home phone and my cell in a ziploc bag so they wouldn’t get wet.  I twittered from the bath.  I think I may have a problem.

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Sista fren

Momo is in town for her Fall break!  So today I picked her up and we went to brunch.  After brunch shopped around a little in the attached store where I found 2 Yankee candles for 50% off.  Woot!  Then we waited in line and got some gas (yep, still having some problems in the petrol area).  We hung out for a couple more hours running errands and catching up.  I teared up when we said good by because I might not see her again until Thanksgiving!  boo!  I miss her so much!

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Funky love

Thank you for all of your supportive comments and emails.  I heart y’all.  It is hard not to get into a funk when my father comes around.  I try to rise above the funk, but it doesn’t always work.  So, to try and keep positive I shall share with you a few things I’m loving right now (besides you).

  • Kanye West and his new song Love Lockdown.  I adore him.  I think he’s incredibly talented.  He’s always coming out with something new and different.  He is also very funny without trying to be.  The video is awesome too.  Very clean asthethically.  He was on Ellen and showed the video this week.
  • Basic Instinct by Pure Romance.  It’s this tiny little bottle of roll on cologne.  They say it’s unisex but I doubt CSP would let me put any on him.  It smells SO good.  And it smells different on every person.  So who knows what it would smell like on you?  I loooove it.  And I didn’t expect to.  And isn’t that a cool surprise when stuff like that happens?  It’s a little pricey for such a teeny bottle but you don’t use but a drop so it lasts a good while.
  • Body Dew by Pure Romance.  It’s this spray on body oil that is most effective just after your shower, while you’re still wet.  It is doing wonders for my excema.  It smells great, makes your skin so soft without being greasy, and gives it a, well, dewy look.
  • Love On The Inside by Sugarland.  Love Sugarland.  Wonder how his wife feels about him being around cutie Jennifer all the time.  Favorite songs on this album: Fall Into Me, Steve Earle (minus the talky part), Come On Get Higher,  Genevieve,  Already Gone.  Great album for a road trip.  Also think cover art would make a great tattoo!
  • Hocus Pocus candles by PartyLite.  My favorite October candle.  When I unpacked all my Halloween decorations I was so excited to unpack these candles and get them lit.  When they burn the liquid wax melts into this super cool yellowy neony green color.  And they smell so good!
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Family dinner

Last night CSP, Zoe and I Zoe & CSP went over to Sara’s for dinner since my father was in town.  Jake and Joey were uber cute and the weather was great.  We hung out outside for a while before dinner watching the boys ride their bikes.  Joey had a bit of trouble with his helmet. Jacob, the serious biker He says the funniest things now. At one point he dropped something (or something) and said “Aw, tarter sauce!” SO cute. Apparently that’s Spongebob for Oh Darn. After dinner Zoe supervised the boys’ bath Zoe thinks they need more bubbles then they went to bed. So did my father. At like 8 something. Don’t get me started. He just makes me so mad that he’d come all this way to visit then spend the whole time watching tv and not talking to his family. And when he did talk to me the only thing he asked about was the adoption. I filled him in and do you know what he said to me? “You know, there’s nothing wrong with NOT having children.” Then he reminded me that I am 35 years old. Ugh. I could have slapped him. Cause you know, there IS something wrong with not having children when you’ve wanted to be a mother since you were a child yourself. If he knew me at all he would have never said such a thing. Please don’t defend him or comment here that “well maybe he was just…” whatever. Just a warning that his visits usually funk me out for a good few days. Nightmares, anxiety, the works.

Anyway, he went to sleep so CSP, Sara, Marc, Zoe, and I retired to the screened in porch and hung out for a while before we came home. Zoe cuddled up with Aunt Sara I love so much that we’re all such good friends as well as family. We have a great time together.

More pics here.


The prodigal father returns

Last night I went over to Sara’s for dinner with her, my nephews, and my father.  I could barely sleep Sunday night knowing he was coming.  And not out of excitement.  He still makes my stomach hurt.  In case you’re wondering, he never won Father of the Year.  We ordered Chinese and I got to hear all about how proud everyone in my family is that my cousin managed to get pregnant again.  I got out of there as fast as I could.

This morning I babysat while Sara volunteered at Jacob’s school for a couple hours. Joey & Grandpa More about that and our big family dinner later.