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Pulling the plug

Funny how quickly you can get used to something.  When my first Crackberry bit the dust in May we bought me the Blackberry Curve.  In order to get it at a decent price we had to sign up for the internet/email service.  I don’t really need this service, and I lived without it for years.  I usually only turn it on if I’m going on a trip or something.  Otherwise my Crackberry is really just a cell phone with a kick ass calendar and address book.  Well, my rebate finally came in from AT&T.  CSP has been watching the mail like a hawk waiting for this to come in so he could tell me to cancel my Blackberry service.  Because he is a dream killer.

At any given time I am less than 5 minutes from my computer if I am at home.  And if I’m not at home?  Well, really, who’s emailing me?  My family, my friends.  No heads of state.  There is nothing in this world that will come to a screeching halt if I don’t check my email every 10 minutes.  In fact, having the service has almost hindered me.  Sure I could take pics of interesting people or things with my phone and send them to my peeps.  But chatting on Google Talk while trying to get through the grocery store basically turned me into a human obstacle.  I apologize now to anyone who might have been behind me on aisle 3, cruising along until I heard the beep from my phone.  The beep that turned me into a hunched back thumb typing speed bump.

With one 3 minute phone call I went from plugged in to, well, just less plugged in.  I did leave a text messaging package on my phone because texts are the only approved form of communication my 18 year old sister will accept.  And she’s leaving for college this weekend.  That’s another sob story.

I can already tell the difference in my daily life.  The sky, so blue.  The air, so sweet.  The customers at my local grocery store, less annoyed.