My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

We have a fast food chain in our area called Cook Out. I’d link their site but they don’t have one. They are v. v. mysterioso. What they do have is milkshakes. Tons of flavors. Like 30 something. And every summer they advertise on their big sign their watermelon milkshakes. And every summer the idea of watermelon milkshakes creeps me out. Until this summer. I tried one and y’all. That’s a good way to eat a watermelon. I mean sure, you could go pick an actual melon and chill it and cube it and eat it and be healthy. But why do that when you could mix it with ice cream and slurp it up through a straw? I mean, this IS America.

13 thoughts on “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”

  1. Ha ha ha! Very funny. And that IS the American way. I think it sounds pretty tasty….out in Los Angeles there was this honeydew smoothie that was my FAV THING EVER.

  2. Wish we had one in my neck of the woods. I wouldn’t have watermelon, but I bet I’d try some of the others.

  3. mmm we WILL be investigating this “cook out” the next time I visit you. mmmmm milkshakes.

  4. I luv a good milkshake but not so sure about watermelon… I as a proud American would be willing to give a shot though, as my civic duty or something like that you know.

  5. i am laughing my ass off- this IS America… i gotta say it doesn’t SOUND that good, but I trust you on this.

  6. I tried your recommendation of the banana pudding shake that you wrote about forever ago. That thing was outta this world. Even my husband wanted to stop there last time we passed through for another one.

  7. That does sound *very* weird. Hmm. The combination of watermelon and milk … hmm. But what a great place, to have tons of different milkshake flavors! There’s this place near where we used to live that offers a Boston creme pie milkshake. Ohhh, fabulous.

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