Could have grown a baby

CSP went out for a haircut yesterday.  I woke up to a note that he was gone.  This wouldn’t normally be blog worthy, cause he’s a man and it’s a man’s haircut.  But he HATES to get his hair cut.  He hates people touching him and making small talk.  So he puts it off.  For a looooong time.  I didn’t know how long it had been since he’d gone last but his hair was touching his collar, all curly and out of control.  I liked it longer but he wouldn’t even get a trim to shape it up.  Anyway he went and came back with a much smaller head.  Had I known he was going I’d have taken before and after pics.  They keep on file in their computer his visits.  The last time he’d gotten his hair cut?  37 weeks ago!  That’s almost a full term pregnancy!!!