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My little blog is 7

On this day back in 2001 I started blogging. I thought I’d start journaling about our married life. I had tried a million paper journals and just couldn’t keep it up. So then I was surfing around in the Summer of 2001 and found LJC. Loved the whole blogging idea and started up my own!  Here’s a link to my very first post.  So to my little blog! In honor of 7 years of blogging, YOU get a present! Just leave me a comment with your favorite color and I’ll chose a winner this weekend of a custom made pair of earrings from Bellatini!

29 thoughts on “My little blog is 7”

  1. Get out! SeVeN? that’s a whole lotta Blogging! you should have your Blog made into a Book! I know there is a site out there somewhere that turns your Blog into a Book. when I find It I will email you the link…..

    HaPpY SeVen!!! so glad I have had you as a Blogging friend 4 out of your 7 years!

    oh and BTW….I love the color Pink!

  2. RED is my favorite color although I love the turquoise colored earrings you do, too. In fact, I think I love just about everything you do. Sorry I didn’t find you seven years ago, but so glad I DID finally find you.

  3. Happy Birthday!! I’m so impressed that you’ve stayed with it for 7 years! What perseverance!!! I need some of that!

    I’m a pink girl.

  4. Well, I found you through Lisa’s blog a few months ago and I had no idea that you have been blogging that long. I’ve attempted to start a few blogs myself but always lose steam after a month or so, so you’re doing awesome! I’d love to be included in the contest. My favorite color is black. 🙂

  5. Yikes.. has it really been that long??? I think I found you because me and the ex were going to be adopting from Guat and I was reading adoption blogs and yours was the best of both worlds… puggies and adoption! lol Congrats!!!
    Purple/Plum is my favorite color!

  6. WOW….7 years is amazing:) I had no idea blogging was around that long!! Wish that I had…CONGRATS!! I love any pinks or greens. Sweet of you to offer a giveaway.

  7. I can’t believe you’ve been doing this for 7 years. That’s like a fifth of your life, right? That is pretty impressive to think of all the memories you have documented!! and the pictures!! WOWSERS!!

    Ok, so my colors are purple and blue. fun Bellatini give aways!

  8. Wow, super happy blogiversary, Shanny! I can’t believe it’s been 7 years! Congrats!

    My favorite color is green, actually!

  9. Happy Birthday! That is a long time to blog–good job!

    I would love to be entered in the drawing, and my favorite color is yellow.

  10. Wow 7 years! Happy Blog birthday!
    I have non-pierced ears (so let someone else win the earrings ;)) but my fav color is red.

  11. Happy “Blog-i-versary”! 7 years! I am in awe. I’m in my fourth year now, and I am shocked because I never stick with any thing either.

    Love anything blue or turqouise!

  12. Oh wow 7 years and you have kept with it, good for you!! Happy Blogaversary! lol

    I like blue 🙂 or purple! lol

  13. Hsppy Blog Birthday!!! 7 years, that’s amazing. I just love your blog. I have been reading and lurking for several years, lol. By the way, my favorite color is purple.

  14. Congrats on hanging in there 7 yrs. I love a giveaway. Right now my favorite colors are lime green and fuscia.

  15. Happy blogiversary! YAYYYY

    I have been loving CORAL colors lately. I have a great top that I love that screams for accesories 🙂

  16. wow! Who knew blogging has been around that long–not me 😉 Congratulations.

    The give away is such a sweet offer. I love pinks and greens. I’ll remember to do a giveaway for my 3rd anniversary in November.

  17. Happy Blogging Anniversary Shanny!! I think I also came through LJC too and Lisanne too. She got me blogging. 🙂 Oh and my favorite color is red.

  18. Hey Shanny..

    School starts tomorrow and I think I am ready. You have made it past the 7 year itch!! 🙂

    Have a great week.

    The green lovin’ Kelly 🙂

  19. Happy Birthday Shanny! It’s been awesome reading your site! We’ve been married the same amount of time:)

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