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The plague has claimed yet another victim

Sunday night I started not feeling so well.  By Monday night I had a full blown miserable cold.  Coughing, sneezing, fever, sweats, congestion, sore throat.  Then my sickness ate my brain.  Yesterday I drug my wretched body upstairs for a lay down.  I was just about to put on my CPAP mask when I heard “Whatcha doin Honey?”  I turned and there was a man in my bedroom!  I screamed this pitiful, scratchy throated scream (for a good while- I was terrified!) while trying to decide if a CPAP would work as a weapon.  Of course, it was just CSP, home from work.  But in my plague state I had forgotten that I had been up at 6 am yesterday morning ironing his work clothes.  In my germ infested mind he was supposed to be at work until at least 11pm.  I’m thinking my mild heart attack has now set me back a couple days on my road to recovery.