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Things I’m loving right now

  • Weeds. When Directv screwed up our dvr service they gave us 2 months of Showtime for free. Well now I’m hooked on Weeds. And of course our free Showtime just ran out. Now I’ll have to get my fix on dvd. Weeds: gateway drug of cable dramedies.
  • Google SMS. I bet I’m late to this party, but just in case you were also living under the same rock…did you know that you can text things to Google and they will send you back info? It’s awesome. Text the letter W for weather and M for movies or Starbucks & your zip. They are super fast and it helps ease the pain of not having internet on my Crackberry.
  • Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Blemish Therapy. I’ve been wanting to try this since it came out but it hurt a little to think of spending $28 on zit dust. But then my birthday came along and with it some checks and gift cards. So I treated myself. I’ve been waiting to tell y’all about what I thought until I used it for a good couple weeks. Y’all. This stuff is awesome. It gets rid of zits over night. You hardly use any at all. It doesn’t stink or sting. It rocks.
  • Arts Cow. Weird name, great freebies. Sign up as a new customer and you get 400, that’s right 400, free prints. 200 4x6s and 200 5x7s. Shipping is a little more that some places, but they ship from Hong Kong. They print on Fuji paper and don’t crop your pics all wonky. So far I’m loving them. I’ve ordered twice (my free prints of course) and my pics come within a week and look great. Did I mention the FOUR HUNDRED free prints?
  • They have put the blue walls up on my IKEA.  And the new 2009 catalog is out.  Heaven.