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Bizarro World. Population: me

Conversations in which I have been involved lately.

Scene:  CSP and I laying in bed about to fall asleep.  Smackfest begins because sometimes we bicker and fight like children.  I grab his wrist.  He recoils in horror.

CSP: No!  Don’t!

Me:  What?  What did I do?

CSP:  You were trying to take my pulse.  I don’t want anyone touching my pulse.


Me (looking out to hair girl’s backyard where I see something white and fluffy with bits of red.  It is middle of Summer.):  Is that a dead bunny?

My hair girl:  No, that’s my Christmas hat.

3 thoughts on “Bizarro World. Population: me”

  1. He doesn’t want anyone touching his pulse? ok, that is a WAY weird thing to say!! LOL Is he afraid that if you touch it you will take it away from him?!?! HA HA HA HA silly boy.

  2. “Smackfest”…

    So THATS what you two call it, eh?

    This sheds an intriguing light on your personal life, Shanny.

  3. I think you need to add one more person to your population of Bizzaro World….your husband who worries about someone checking his pulse-that’s just a little on the bizzare side 🙂

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