friends, fun


So last night I was online chatting with some girlfriends.  We were using Chatzy.  Free & easy.  Anyway, one of the girls tells us that her husband just called from the ER.  He was playing softball and got hit by a pitch.  He hurt his thumb and he started instantly trying to get out of chores at home.  So we’re laughing about it and making jokes because they admit him and give him a room!  All for a thumb.  Well we were on a roll.  Thumbelina, Thumbkin, no more playing thumb war etc.  And Heather gave us his cell # so we started all texting him about how we’re gonna have a candle light vigil for the thumb and put him on the prayer list at church, etc.  Well then all the sudden I get a text back from him that just says “shattered”.  So I think it’s in response to my text about how hitch hiking is going to be harder now.  Then Heather tells us that he just called her again and told her that he was going to need surgery and pins!  That his carpal tunnel bone was shattered.  OMG.  We felt so badly and we started praying for our souls for picking on him cause they were talking rehab and how he was gonna miss so much time at work etc.

Well we all finish chatting and go to bed.  Then today we get a message from Heather.  Her husband came home last night with an ice pack and a sprain!  PUNK!  He really had us going!  So it’s on now.  Just gotta come up with more thumb jokes.  It was really thumbthing!