But I don’t wanna be a crab!!

My birthday is August 3.  Has been for 37.5 years.  I am a textbook Leo.

Positive Traits

Generous and warmhearted
Creative and enthusiastic
Broad-minded and expansive
Faithful and loving

Negative Traits

Pompous and patronizing
Bossy and interfering
Dogmatic and intolerant

Leo Likes: speculative ventures, lavish living, rich food, children, drama, pageantry and grandeur

Leo Dislikes:doing anything safely, day-to-day living, small-minded people, penny-pinching and mean spiritedness

I mean, that’s me to a T!  Then I find out that there’s a new zodiac sign and I’m no longer a Leo??  I’m a crabby Cancer??  No offense to other Cancers, I’m sure y’all are fabulous.

So I pulled up the traits of a Cancer and….well, it seems they kind of fit me too.  Actually they REALLY fit me.  Just as much as Leo!


Positive Traits

Emotional and loving
Intuitive and imaginative
Shrewd and cautious
Protective and sympathetic

Negative Traits

Changeable and moody
Overemotional and touchy
Clinging and unable to let go

Cancer Likes: hobbies, romance, children, parties, home and country.

Cancer Dislikes:failure, opposition, aggravating situations, being told what to do and being given advice…whether good or bad.


And I do love crab legs, but does that make me a cannibal?

Turns out CSP is the new guy, the Opiuchus.  He’s NOTHING like this:

  • Seeker of peace and wisdom
  • Attractor of good luck and jealousy
  • Interpreter of dreams
  • One who reaches for the stars
  • Wearer of plaid (this one is oddly specific)
  • He does wear plaid pj pants though!  Maybe they’re on to something after all!




    Yesterday I loved myself and today I examine my faults.  At least I’m aware of my faults.  I don’t walk around thinking I’m anywhere near perfect, trust.

    • I take things personally.  I’m not super sensitive crying girl but I take things personally when I know I shouldn’t.  It’s weird.  In my head I’m like “stop it, it’s not like that” but I can’t help myself.
    • I get jealous.  Funnily enough, not about CSP.  I trust him totally.  Now, don’t you hussies go running off to try and snag him! ha!  I get friend jealous.  Like if I hear a friend is out with someone other than me.  Again, something my head knows is weird.  I don’t act on it or say anything, I just have a second or two of sulk.
    • I’m a planner, which is a good thing.  But when things don’t go according to plan I get out of sorts. The older I get the better I get at dealing with it, but it still sucks.
    • I have zero time management skills.  I’m almost always late for things.  I try really hard to get everywhere on time but it just doesn’t seem to happen.
    • I have anxiety.  Like to the point that I’m on meds for it.  That’s not something I can help so it’s not really a fault per se, but it contributes to the faults.  See above.
    • I start way too many projects at once.  This inevitably leads to not being able to finish everything in a timely manner.  Case in point: the scarf I’ve been knitting off and on for Morgan for over 2 years.
    • I don’t always stand up for myself like I should.
    • It drives me crazy when someone doesn’t like me.  I know I’m a nice person and a good friend so when someone doesn’t like me it blows my mind.
    • If I like something, like a movie for instance, and someone else doesn’t, it doesn’t make sense to me.
    • I can be really bossy.
    • I’m a terrible driver.  But I LOVE to drive.  People are mostly scared to be in the car with me.  My guardian angel is WORN OUT from saving my life all day.  But that angel is doing a great job cause I haven’t been in an accident or gotten a ticket in forever!
    • I’m messy.  In my head I’m uber organized.  I LOVE to be organized.  But I’m a mess.  When I cook it looks like we’ve been robbed.

    Ok, better stop now or I’ll need to call my therapist!


    <3 me

    What do you love about you?  I saw that as a status update on a friend’s Facebook page.  Got me thinking.  I think periodically we should think about what we love about ourselves.  Give ourselves a lil pat on the back.  So here goes:

    First, the physical:

    • I have good hair.  Sure, it’s baby fine, thin and a little on the frizzy side lately, but it seems to do pretty well most days.  I’m a natural blonde.  Well, I was when I was younger.  Now I’m a chemically enhanced blonde.
    • I have good lips.  They are nice and full with good color.
    • My teeth are pretty white and pretty straight.  This is a minor miracle considering I never had braces.
    • I have a pink natural blush to my cheeks.  It may or may not be rosacea but let’s just go with natural blush.
    • I have a fairly decent complexion.  This is HUGE considering the rest of my skin is a mess.  I have severe eczema and I’m white to the point I’m practically flammable.

    Now, for the not so physical.

    • I’m pretty crafty.  I can paint, knit (sort of), make jewelry, take decent pictures, scrapbook etc.  And I’m great at doing makeup.
    • I have nice handwriting.
    • I’m a good story teller.
    • I’m a good friend.
    • I’m fairly witty (I’ve been told).
    • I’m a great gift giver.

    Alright, I better stop.  Don’t want to give myself a big head.  Ha!  So what do YOU love about YOU?

    I just don’t understand

    • Why smokers think it’s ok to throw their butts out their car windows as if their butts aren’t FLAMING LITTER!  It’s dangerous, rude, and bad for the environment.
    • Fax machines.  I can wrap my head around scanners and copiers, but fax machines straight up blow my mind.
    • How my hair grows so fast until I’m actually trying to grow it out.
    • If you stop shaving your legs will the hair grow down to the ground or stop at some predetermined length?
    • How some people go for sooo long without going on vacation.  Even if it’s just for a couple days, you GOTTA get away!  Make some memories!
    • Why our pugs aren’t bald. I swear they shed all their hair then regrow it daily!

    Nothing but a number?

    I don’t feel my age.  Although really, if you think about it, what should 36 really feel like?  I’ve been thinking of the whole age thing since I saw Up in the Air.  Afterward I looked up the movie on IMDB.  That’s when I learned of Vera Farmiga‘s age. I think Vera is absolutely beautiful, but I was surprised to learn that I am 3 days older than her.   I was also surprised when I learned Chelsea Handler‘s age.  I’m 2 years older than her!  She’s only 34.   I think Chelsea is beautiful too, just not really 34 years old looking.  The last time I was at my hair salon another customer asked how old I was and was surprised when I told her I’m 36.  When my mom was 36 she was a mother of 3, two of us were already teenagers.  My mom’s always looked young for her age, but I still feel like she was so much more grown up at 36 than I am.   I mean, I’m responsible and all that.  We own a home, we pay our bills, I had a job from the time I was 15 til just a couple years ago.  But I just don’t feel like I thought 36 would feel.

    I also don’t feel like I look how I thought 36 would look.  I think my friends and I all turned out pretty young looking, and that includes bloggy & twitter friends.  I’m not going to post all y’all’s pictures here, you know what you look like.  And you look good! So here we are, a whole generation of young looking and young feeling people.  Not just girls either, CSP still looks like a young stallion. I’d post a pic of him but he always looks drugged and tired in pictures so it wouldn’t really help my point here.

    Also, I don’t have old interests.  I’m not a huge fan of sitting around debating politics (although I will).  I’m still into glitter and cute stuff and being a girl.  Here’s a real life example of how I’m basically just a giant girl child…I received a text from my aunt regarding Easter dinner plans: “I’ll have unsweet tea with Splenda and I found you some cool straws.”   I wonder if becoming a mother will make me feel my age, or if I’ll still be the same me, just with a mini me running around?  (I’m hoping for the latter!)

    Lotsa loves

    I’d like to share more of my loves with you.  Ready? Ok.

    • Lauren Graham.  LOVE her.  I think she’s beautiful, just beautiful.  And fun.  I wanna have game night with her. Love her in her new show Parenthood.  Great cast all around in that show.
    • Zoe’s little back feet.  They rank right up there as 2 of my most favorite things in the world.  They are tiny and soft and squishy and she lets me squish them and rub them and hold them while she sleeps.
    • Movies.  Love, love, love going to the movies.  Love the pre-movie ritual of loading up on candy at the Dollar Store then stuffing all of it in my purse to sneak in.  I love the previews.  I love staying through the credits at the end.  My favorite place to sit is in the row with those rails so we can put our feet up.  I can’t wait to dress up in our pajamas and take our kidlets to the movies.  We are very lucky that the movie theatre near us only costs $5 each if you go anytime Monday- Thursday.  My family is made up of lots of movie lovers so there’s always someone to go a matinee with.  Surprisingly though CSP is not a huge going to the movie fan.  He would rather watch dvds at home, which is also fun.  Snuggling with the pugs on the sofa.  After I watch each movie I always go to IMDB and read all the trivia about it.
    • Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha.   Oh Em Gee.  If I could buy this by the gallon I would.  It’s like a chocolate covered cherry, but not too sweet.  I can’t wait to try it in the frappe form.  Because of this drink I am now the mayor (love getting a crown!) of my local Starbucks on Foursquare.  Now, the photo of the Dark Cherry Mocha on the Starbucks site is shown in a glass mug.  That makes me gag.  I can not stand hot drinks in see through glass containers.  Vomit. I have no idea why but it creeps me out sooo much.
    • Free Samples.  I’m a sucker.  I get at least one a week in the mail.  I get an email each day that takes me to links for free samples.  CSP can’t stand it because it means our names are on lists all over the junk mail world but I just love a free sample.  I love anything mini.  Just found out I also love Burt’s Bees new toothpaste because of the free sample!  By the way, CSP is convinced the company is called Burt’s Beeswax.
    • Fruity Margaritas.
    • Mango Rita. Mmmmmm. Peach and mango are my faves. They are my downfall.  Because of my insulin resistance I’m on meds that mean I’m not supposed to drink any large amounts of alcohol AND I process alcohol faster than most people.  Plus I tend to suck those suckers down with a quickness.  Translation: I’m a cheap drunk.  One giant ‘rita like this and I’m a squinty, giggly fool.

    • This picture.   Brings me joy and makes me laugh every time I see it.

    Wishin’, and hopin’, and prayin’, and dreamin’

    I have a wish list at Amazon.  I’m sure I’m the only person who has ever laid eyes on it, but it’s fun to have.  It actually helps me save money.  If I ever obsess over a cute thingy I just “shop” for it and add it to my list.  Right now I’m all about flat opera wallets. Like this adorable wallet from Fluff. COME ON!!! How cute is this?!?  I found it on eBay for a good bit less than it’s listed on Fluff’s site.  So I did go ahead and treat myself to this since I needed a wallet.  I would love one to go in my Fall/Winter purse. This one is on my wish list: Now I’m not normally into pug themed items, but when said item is as cute as this I just can’t help myself!   I’ve apparently rubbed off on CSP because he’s obsessing a wee bit as well.  Ever since Christmas he’s been going on and on about Le Creuset Dutch Ovens.  His parents received one as a present and it is amazing. Plus they come in fabulous colors like this one: Love it!