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Please delete these phrases from your vocabulary

We’ve talked about those grammatically incorrect words & phrases that annoy us (Could care less, etc.).  These are grammatically correct phrases that annoy me:

  • Gave up for adoption. Let me tell you something right now, any child that has been PLACED FOR ADOPTION has NEVER been given up on.  It takes an incredible amount of courage and selflessness to make an adoption plan for your child.  Adoptive parents may not know everything about their children’s birth parents but one thing they do know is that terminating parental rights (in most cases) is no easy decision.  Allowing your child to be adopted is one of the most loving things you can do.  Just think about it, you’re hoping and praying and trusting that your child will now have a better life than the one you could give him.  That is NOT giving up on your child.
  • Your Own.  As in “child of your own”.  As in “Oh, since you’re adopting does that mean you can’t have kids of your own?”  Implying that our children will be something less than legitimate or not wholly loved because they are adopted.  They aren’t rentals, people!  They are as much our own as any child we could have given birth to.  Please erase that phrase from your vocabulary.
  • Seed.  Like Duke is the third seed in the basketball tournament.  ( I don’t know what their real position is, just using them as an example).  The word “seed” makes no sense to me here.  Seat would make more sense.  Like how violinists are first chair and whatnot.   The seed thing always drives me nuts this time of year.
  • Sleeping together.  Or “I slept with him”, etc.  WE ALL KNOW there was no sleeping involved so call a spade a spade!  That’s like me saying I went out racing every time I get in the car to run errands.  I may never get my car over 45 miles an hour in town but I’m telling people I went racing?  Say what you mean!!!  I bet you weren’t even tired!

What phrases/sayings get on your nerves?

7 thoughts on “Please delete these phrases from your vocabulary”

  1. Just thought of one “Real Parents” As in, do you know anything about her REAL parents? Like I’m a sub that’s just filling in. GRRRRRRRR!!


  2. I think sleeping together is another way of say ing lay together. Like in the bible. I mean it’s obvious there was not a lot of sleeping done.


  3. Yeah, I’m in agreement about “real parents.” As in, “What was your real dad like?” Jeff calls it his “biological father.”

    Hmm … other things … I don’t like, “I just threw up in my mouth a little.” That’s *so* gross. And when people say, “O-tay” instead of “OK.” Or “Anyhoo” instead of “Anyhow.” Those are just a few ~ I’m sure that my list could go on!


  4. I get annoyed with “but at the end of the day” really? At the end of the day it’s this and not that…are you sure it won’t take until tomorrow or the end of next week?


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