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Nothing but a number?

I don’t feel my age.  Although really, if you think about it, what should 36 really feel like?  I’ve been thinking of the whole age thing since I saw Up in the Air.  Afterward I looked up the movie on IMDB.  That’s when I learned of Vera Farmiga‘s age. I think Vera is absolutely beautiful, but I was surprised to learn that I am 3 days older than her.   I was also surprised when I learned Chelsea Handler‘s age.  I’m 2 years older than her!  She’s only 34.   I think Chelsea is beautiful too, just not really 34 years old looking.  The last time I was at my hair salon another customer asked how old I was and was surprised when I told her I’m 36.  When my mom was 36 she was a mother of 3, two of us were already teenagers.  My mom’s always looked young for her age, but I still feel like she was so much more grown up at 36 than I am.   I mean, I’m responsible and all that.  We own a home, we pay our bills, I had a job from the time I was 15 til just a couple years ago.  But I just don’t feel like I thought 36 would feel.

I also don’t feel like I look how I thought 36 would look.  I think my friends and I all turned out pretty young looking, and that includes bloggy & twitter friends.  I’m not going to post all y’all’s pictures here, you know what you look like.  And you look good! So here we are, a whole generation of young looking and young feeling people.  Not just girls either, CSP still looks like a young stallion. I’d post a pic of him but he always looks drugged and tired in pictures so it wouldn’t really help my point here.

Also, I don’t have old interests.  I’m not a huge fan of sitting around debating politics (although I will).  I’m still into glitter and cute stuff and being a girl.  Here’s a real life example of how I’m basically just a giant girl child…I received a text from my aunt regarding Easter dinner plans: “I’ll have unsweet tea with Splenda and I found you some cool straws.”   I wonder if becoming a mother will make me feel my age, or if I’ll still be the same me, just with a mini me running around?  (I’m hoping for the latter!)

5 thoughts on “Nothing but a number?”

  1. I’m 35 and Julia’s been home for 4 yrs. I have two mortgages, a photography business and am a pediatric nurse. I still feel like I’m 17 and am waiting to be found out as a big grown-up fraud. 🙂 My friends feel the same way. You’ll still be you when you are a mom! Details change but you’ll still feel like the young, awesome chick that you are!


  2. My kids made me an even bigger kid. We play, color, and just act like goofballs. I don’t feel like I’m 34 either. The kids at church always think I’m younger until I start the “mom voice ” with them.


  3. I actually think that having Emily in my life makes me act YOUNGER. I’m way into Princess stuff and cute clothes for her and letting her play with my makeup and hairbows. I never did any of that stuff before I became a mom. LOL Plus, I just laugh a lot more with her, which I’m positive keeps you young. 🙂


  4. I have to be responsible for my kid but I still feel like a kid pretending to be an adult.

    And I am sorry Chelsea Handler cannot be 34. She’s pretty but I don’t know if 34 is a bit exaggerated.


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