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Quirky, Unique, Special, Weird

When you adopt you have to provide a TON of very personal information to your agency, your case worker, the state, tons of people.  It makes you take a very close look at yourself.  I’d say I’ve always been fairly self-aware but lately I have started to notice that I have some weird tendencies.

  • When I dab on my cuticle oil in my head I make this noise every time when I touch the brush to each nail.  Banga, banga, banga.
  • When I put on my makeup I host an infomercial in my head.  I go through each step and help viewers with their day or evening looks. I provide valuable tips.
  • I sing in the car.  Loudly.  And I swear to you, when I’m alone and singing with the iPod or radio, I sound fantastic.  As soon as someone else starts listening I go completely tone deaf.  It’s the darnedest thing!

I am also aware of my faults. I am:

  • bossy
  • possessive
  • jealous
  • impatient
  • annoyed easily by stupidity (stupidity, not ignorance.  Ignorance can be overcome by learning.)
  • convinced that if people would just do what I say then they’d be much happier and better off in general.
  • a bit lazy
  • horrible at time management

I’m working on these things so I can be a good parent, but some are just ingrained in me because I am a classic textbook Leo.  And you can’t fight the stars!

What are your little quirks?


14 thoughts on “Quirky, Unique, Special, Weird”

  1. Oh sister, I have so many…

    1. Whenever I put on mascara I open my mouth like most women, but when I roll or flat iron my hair I scrunch up my entire face like I’ve just bitten a sour apple.

    2. When I sing in the car I always pretend I am on American Idol. If I mess up or my voice cracks, I have to start the song all over again until I hit each note perfectly (in my mind).

    3. Every time I put lotion on my hands, I immediately have the urge to pee; thus negating the lotion with the subsequent post-pee hand washing.

    4. My right eye is lazy, and is corrected by glasses, but when I am tired or tipsy that eye goes a little wonky and will start to cross, so I unconsciously shut it and only use my left one. It’s those times I wish I had a pirate eye patch, because then I would look cool instead of a sleepy drunk with a stink-eye.

    I agree that all those faults are similar to mine, so it must be our inner Lionesses coming out. And you’re right – no use fighting the stars!


  2. Love this post! What makes it even funnier is when your child picks up on your little quirks. With adopted kids, you cannot blame the genes!!!!


  3. I’m full of quirkiness. (or I’m just really weird, you pick)

    1. I have to blow my nose immediately after I brush my teeth, even if I don’t have a cold of any kind.
    2. I can’t spell chocolate without sounding it out IN SPANISH. Choc O LAAA TAY.
    3. Everytime my ear itches, I’m convinced i have a bug in there.

    I think that’s probably enough sharing for now!!! Anymore and I’d lose all my friends!! HA HA HA


  4. Oh and Debra…I have the exact same thing with the lazy eye. My beloved sister tells me it looks like I had a stroke when I’m really tired and my eye is doing its own thing. I pirate patch would be perfect then!


  5. Oh Shanny we all have our quirks!

    I as well do the open mouth thing and usually stick my tongue out when I apply mascara. My husband likes to laugh at me.
    If I am going to sing in the car, the music must be loud, I am tone deaf 99% of the time and usually don’t want to hear myself sing!
    When i brush my hair or blow my nose I put the tissue and hair that fell out into the toilet and I almost always forget to flush it.
    Hmm.. not sure what else i do… haha got to think about it!


  6. Love these!

    I rock back in forth in the car (whether I am a driver or not), even with no music.
    I constantly say, “are you kidding me” and “good grief”
    I am a slob– I never put anything away, but expect everybody else to put their stuff away
    I hate when I can’t find the kitchen scissors. I blame everyone for “stealing” them
    I wear socks to bed (clean socks) and they have to be long enough to cover any part of my leg not covered by pajamas.
    I only buy sunglasses that look good on the top of my head, cuz that’s where they end up most of the time.
    and the list goes on and on…. LOL


    1. There must be a black hole somewhere for kitchen scissors. I swear I’ve bought a million pair and we can never find any! Love the sunglasses thing!


    1. NO WAY!!! I’ve always hosted an infomercial in my head! As long as I can remember. Anytime I’m putting on makeup or doing my hair, painting, making jewelry. Sometimes when I cook. I should set up cameras in my house and sell ad time. So glad I’m not the only tv host out there!


  7. oh Shanny, you are killing me with the infomerical in your head thingie. I don’t wear make up but I give silent little presentations to the imaginary people often!
    I am so happy for you on this journey. 🙂


    1. You give inner head infomercials too?? This is so great to hear! I’m not psychotic! What are you instructing your viewers on if not makeup. And really? You don’t wear makeup? Not even a little? It’s the fun part of being a girl!


  8. I love quirky people….makes me feel like I am not alone. My husband is allowed to come grocery shopping with me, but he is just allowed to push the shopping basket. Every item has its own place in the basket….as well as in the shopping bag and then in the cupboards when we get home. He says I am Obsessive Compulsive…lol. I also have all of these faults

    annoyed easily by stupidity
    convinced that if people would just do what I say then they’d be much happier and better off in general.
    a bit lazy

    I think we may be related.


  9. Im so wierd!
    Whenever I blowdry my hair I have to blow the air in my face and make funny faces.
    I always have to double check im using my tooth bursh by asking people.
    When I hear a song I make up and excuse like “I farted”, So people leave the room so I can dance alone.
    I have a really high voice and im into heavey metal, So I try to sound tough when I sing it but it sounds like a mouse.
    Im a huge backseat driver.
    I call my mom “Mawshaaaa!”
    I call my dad “Father Figure”
    I like to see how fast I can run down the stairs even though I know that I will fall.
    I CANT go number 2 anywhere else but home.
    I have to pull the covers up to my chin or I cant sleep.


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