Kneed an update? See what I did there? With the pun? I’m on meds.

So you know those gorgeous flowers that CSP brought me? CSP brought me gorgeous flowers to enjoy while I recover from knee surgery Well they make him sick. Eyes watering, nose running. Now they are living next door with Candice. Yay for her, boo for me. Now I’ll never get flowers again!

Today we went and got my stitches out. The doctor gave me pictures of the insides of my knee. I need to scan it in but I’m loopy from pain meds so I’ll do that over the weekend. I can show you my knee pre stitch removal: click to enlarge, if you can stand the sexiness My poor knee post surgery I know I’m a big baby, but getting my stitches out bothers me more than going under! They poke you with those scissors and make you bleed!

I’m walking around pretty well. Still limping and I still can’t drive for 2 more weeks. And it still hurts. It’s still swollen and I’m still icing it. I can’t do a lap around the neighborhood, and stairs are still slow, but I can get around the house without my crutches now. yay!

In cuter news, we stuck Zoe in a few vessels and took her picture. Get ready to OD on cuteness. Seriously. You might want to sit down for these. Click to enlarge. Mixing up a batch of ZoeZoe in the colanderZoe in the cookie jar

Zoe, ZoZo, Zoester

Zoe (it’s ZoEEEEE by the way. rhymes with Joey not Joe.) It drives Lisa nuts that we spell it this way, but that’s how it’s spelled. Means life. Zoe already has a couple of nicknames. Kiki doesn’t pay her much attention. Growls at her periodically. But she’s relaxing more around her now. Molly & Zoe have moved on from Molly being totally wigged out by her to full on playing mode. Zoe basically wakes up in the morning, attaches herself to Molly’s neck, and hangs there for the next 12 hours with brief breaks to eat and potty. Potty training is going great.

Last night Zoe & I went next door to Candice’s for movie night. We watched No Reservations. I love Abigail Breslyn & Aaron Eckhart but not this movie. It had a couple of cute moments but mostly it was sad and boring. Meanwhile Zoe charmed the pants right off of Candice, but especially Richie, Can’s German Shepherd mix. Richie is about 50 times bigger than Zoe but Zoe pranced right into their house, drank out of his water dish, and wrapped him around her little paw in no time. Zoe would jump up and bite his face and tail and he would just look at her with googy eyes and follow her all over the house. Candice called after I hobbled home to tell me that Richie was pacing and whining at the window pining for Zoe. She’s a little heartbreaker!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last few days:click to enlarge Zoe doing a 1 arm handstand!Zoe!

More pics of Zoe taking over our world here.

And I know this isn’t Zoe, but I still love it. CSP brought me some beautiful flowers. They smell so good! CSP brought me gorgeous flowers to enjoy while I recover from knee surgery

Wee ones

Thursday I took Zoe by to meet Jacob & Joey. Joey pet her then was on to something else, but Jake fell in love. He couldn’t pronounce her name and would call her ZZZZZZZZZZ-Joey. So cute. While I was there Sara relayed a story. Sara babysits a little boy who is Jake’s age. The other day his mom picked him up from Sara’s and had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Did you have fun playing with Jacob today?

I guess.

Well did you ride around in the trucks?

Yeah, but Jacob wouldn’t let me ride with him. He rode around with this girl all day.

So the mom called Sara and asked if Sara was babysitting a little girl.

Sara told me all this then told Jacob to go get his new girlfriend so I could meet her. And here she is. The girl Jacob paid attention to all day. The girl who rode shotgun in his truck all day, who made Jake’s little friend v. v. jealous. Jake & his new woman Jacob smoothed her hair and told her how pretty she is. I asked her name. Sara, he said. Ok.
“Sara” is a My Size Barbie Morgan had when she was a little girl. My Mom kept it for all these years and Jake discovered her and fell in love last weekend while visiting Papa & Gigi. So “Sara” had to go home with Jake. Cracks me up. Can’t you just see Jacob & “Sara” cruising through the neighborhood?

In other news, Zoe is a doll. She is charming everyone she meets. I’ll have more pics of her here soon. But in the meantime, here’s one of her at her first vet visit. She weighed in at 2.5 lbs!
Zoe's first vet visit. Click below for a little video.

Zoe’s first vet visit from shanny on Vimeo.


I tell you what, I have felt so blessed in the last few days.  First I had my knee surgery and came home to an answering machine & mailbox full of get well messages.  My MIL met us up at the surgery center.  She stayed and kept CSP company while I was under the knife.  Lisanne wanted to know what it feels like.  It’s kind of weird.  You don’t remember it.  The last thing I remember was the man putting the oxygen mask on me telling me to take deep breaths.  The next thing I knew I was in the recovery room waking up.  Then MIL came home with us and took care of Zoe while CSP & I slept.  I woke up to chicken & dumplings from the Cracker Barrel (yum) that FIL brought over when he came to pick up MIL.

Then Saturday my Mom came over.  She went grocery shopping then cooked all day long.  Serously.  ALL DAY LONG.  She made meatloaf just like I like it, rice, potato salad, baked beans and even baked a cake!  Plus she kept me company while CSP slept (he was working 3rd shift).  Sara came over with flowers and visited for a little while.  Then Papa came over for dinner.  After everyone left and it was just Gigi & me we watched movies until really late.  Gigi spent the night then got up and made breakfast.  She took care of Zoe the whole time too.  We lounged about all day until she had to go home.  She called me later with the news of A’s death.

Throughout the whole thing I’ve gotten so much support from friends, and family, my mom’s group, and you fabulous bloggy people.  My heart is full and I thank you.

Death in my extended family

My 17 year old sister Momo’s dad remarried about 8 years ago  His wife, B, has 2 kids.  The daughter is a junior (or sophomore) in college & the son is 22 & lives with his girlfriend.  So Momo has had step siblings for quite a few years.  Well today, Momo’s step brother didn’t wake up.  They are doing an autopsy.  This is the first close death Momo has ever had to deal with, and with it being a young person, and her step brother I’m sure it’s going to be very weird.  I know when my friend Melissa died it really freaked me out.  This was so sudden.  I reminded Momo that I had been through something similar with Melissa and that I’m here for her if she wants to talk about it.  I feel so badly for B.  I can’t even imagine what it is like to lose a child.

Alive & limping

I’m alive!  I can drag my gimp self around.  I have crutches for downstairs & my walker (leftover from my hysterectomy) for upstairs.  My head is super loopy right now and I’m on some good meds.  Apparently the surgery took longer than he thought it would because  I have arthritis in my knee.

I’m getting lots of tlc from CSP & lots of kisses from the puggies.  I’ve been taking lots of pics of Zoe.  I hope to post some later if I can sit in the chair long enough.  My Mom (Gigi) is coming in a little while to take care of me so CSP can sleep.  He has to work 3rd shift tonight.  ugh.

Thank you for all of your well wishes!  Y’all are just the best! xoxo

T minus 4 hours

It is 3:17 am.  I can’t sleep.  CSP is at work.  Poor guy has to work all night then come home and drive me to surgery.  We have to be at the surgical joint at 7 for my 9am surgery.  I don’t know why it never really clicked in my head that I would be practically immobile for at least a couple days.  I’ve accepted a purse party invitation for Saturday night and even coordinated a ride since I can’t drive.  I need a Spring bag and come hell, high water, or surgery, my accessories will not suffer!I’ve lost my mind.  I have a feeling that at 6pm Saturday, instead of perusing adorable bags I will be knocked out and doped up on my sofa with my swollen knee under a pound of ice.  Hmmm maybe I can get a girl friend to snap some pictures of the bags for me and email them over.  Perhaps instead of brainstorming bag buying strategies I should go shave my legs and paint my toes.  I don’t want my doctor to have to hack through the growth to get to my knee.  And I should probably pick out a pair of cute panties.  Who knows what they talk about while you’re under anesthesia!