Death in my extended family

My 17 year old sister Momo’s dad remarried about 8 years ago  His wife, B, has 2 kids.  The daughter is a junior (or sophomore) in college & the son is 22 & lives with his girlfriend.  So Momo has had step siblings for quite a few years.  Well today, Momo’s step brother didn’t wake up.  They are doing an autopsy.  This is the first close death Momo has ever had to deal with, and with it being a young person, and her step brother I’m sure it’s going to be very weird.  I know when my friend Melissa died it really freaked me out.  This was so sudden.  I reminded Momo that I had been through something similar with Melissa and that I’m here for her if she wants to talk about it.  I feel so badly for B.  I can’t even imagine what it is like to lose a child.

12 thoughts on “Death in my extended family

  1. I am *so* sorry! How terrible! Sending good thoughts your way. Also, I am *so* sorry that I never got to say this before Friday, but I’m *so* glad for you that your surgery is over with and that you’re doing OK. I thought about you on Friday and worried about you. Hope you’re relaxing and getting some good rest. The thought of surgery totally scares the crap out of me, and I don’t see how you stayed so calm and brave. What’s it like being put under? Were you scared? I’m just glad that you’re OK now.

  2. I lost my best friend in high school (she drowned in the bath getting ready for school after a seizure). Her mom… well, I don’t
    even know how to describe her grief. My heart aches for your sister and for this huge loss in the family. I will
    pray for all of them.

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