Seven strange things about me

Only 7? I was tagged by JoAnn. I have been blogging now for 6.5 years. So most of my quirks are out there already. I had to dig deep for some of these. I may lose some readers from this…
Here are 7 strange, but true things about me:

1. I am an ordained minister. When Papa & Gigi were getting married we didn’t know who would perform the ceremony. So I signed up. Just in case.

2. I like strange smells. Like lighter fluid, markers (dry erase are the best) and sleep sweat. You know, the sweat you sweat when you sleep. NOT mowing the lawn sweat or anything like that.

3. My legs and arms are really disproportionately short compared to my body. I can touch my toes in a seated position without bending. Did I mention I’m 5′ 7″?

4. I also have really goofy hands & feet. My Mom says my toes look like someone stuck their used gum to the ends of dough balls and boom there’s my feet.

5. When I’m sitting in a resting type position, my hands seem to turn palms up on their own.

6. If I like (or don’t like) something a lot, it’s really hard for me to understand why other people don’t like it (or like it). I mean, I get that people have different opinions, but on some stuff it just seems like a no brainer. Like people who don’t take vacations. EVER. I don’t get that. Or people over the age of 5 who go to restaurants and order chicken fingers. Come on. Or people who won’t switch to Mac. COME ON! I really should just get a job where I run people’s lives for them. heh. πŸ˜‰

7. I’m a zit getter. It KILLS me when I see people walking around with big honking zits in public. I know you’re not supposed to pop them but I just can’t walk around like that. I have this one person I know who’s been walking around with the Bermuda Triangle of Blackheads on his/her cheek for almost 10 years. 10 YEARS. You don’t even know how hard it is to not “accidentally” trip and “accidentally” land on him/her, pinning his/her arms so he/she can’t escape and “accidentally” get those blackheads. But I restrain myself. Cause I’m classy like that.

Ok, so I can’t be the only strange one out there. If you’re brave enough to share your strange secrets then let me know!

10 thoughts on “Seven strange things about me

  1. Well, I probably shouldn’t mention that I never ate ketchup or any form of pasta until age 21…
    or that I never had a peanut butter and jelly until last summer. WEIRD, considering I’d scarf down Indian food like I grew up in Bangalor.

    ORDAINED MINISTER? Now that one had me do a double take on the read.

    Oh, hey- is there some site (I think you posted about this once) to do photo books? Really want to surprise my family with pics and text from the day we spread mom’s ashes. Amazing day.

  2. Your zits comment made me laugh! My eldest’s face is…well…you’d have a hay-day as he’s going through puberty. I keep encouraging him to wash with Mary Kay for teens, and he does sometimes, just not consistently enough. And he won’t let me touch his face because ‘it hurts’. I think I’ll get some Proactiv for him.

  3. Those are definitely strange but endearing quirks! πŸ™‚ Hey did you get the banners I sent over on Valentine’s Day. I think they went to your bellatini email address.

  4. So with you on the zits. I am completely fascinated with them, and will pin down B and C at least once a week in order to take care of business. B calls it “monkeying,” because of the way monkeys will pick bugs and things off each other.

    Go to YouTube and type in zits. OMG! I have never seen some as nasty as what’s on there. Go. Now!

  5. I’ve got number 7 as well. Tony hates that I’m always picking at him and hunting for blackheads, etc. He calls me a monkey too! I tell him monkeys like to groom the ones they love. He just rolls his eyes at me though.

  6. I never knew you were a minister either. That cracks me up. I’ll have to be nicer to you now that you have an “in” with God. HA HA HA

    I’m with you on the zits thing. makes me bonkers. I found a nasty whitehead on my nose this morning. I’m like COME ON, i’m 33!! I shouldn’t have zits!!

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