Our family is growing by 4 feet

CSP is addicted to pugs. He’s been jonesing for one for a while now. Come on Guatemala & open back up before my house becomes a kennel!! Anyway, our breeder hasn’t had any pugs since Molly’s litter 2 years ago. A couple days after Christmas I asked her if they were still breeding pugs. She said they thought they were finished with pugs but Lo! and behold, a litter was born on Christmas Eve. Any girls? Yep, two. Aw man.

My CSP doesn’t ask for much. He really doesn’t. So we went out to see the pups when they were 10 days old. So tiny! Barely had eyes open! We picked the tiniest one. We went back out on the 8th (during PhoBloDays) and saw her again. She’s coming home tomorrow. Cause you know, I don’t have enough going on. What with KNEE SURGERY and all. I made a deal with CSP that he could have this puggie, but our next 2 will be rescues. And we won’t be adding them to the family for a loooooong time.Β  I’m setting the limit at 3.

I present to you: Zoe Noelle Lo Mein.
Zoe Noelle Lo MeinZoe Noelle Lo MeinZoe Noelle Lo Mein Puggie burrito! Zoe Noelle Lo Mein

29 thoughts on “Our family is growing by 4 feet

  1. AHHHH!!!!! Congratulations!!! pug puppies just melt my heart. They are SO DARN CUTE. But, I dont envy the next few months (years…) ahead of you with house training! At least you get out of doing it for the next couple weeks during your recovery! Good timing!

    You are really really going to need to start posting TONS more pug pictures now.

  2. What a SWEET, SWEET BABY!!!!
    Oh my goodness, she is just too cute!
    And the name—ZOE! SOOOO cute.
    I’m a firm believer in giving pets human names (we have a Madeline, Sophia, Lola and Ralph)!
    Congratulations πŸ™‚

  3. Oh.My.God! SOOO CUTE! Enjoy your new puppy! I hope Molly doesn’t get too jealous!

    Everyone I know (in real life or via blogging) is either getting a puppy or a baby. My sister even adopted 2(!!) puppies over the weekend. They are Shiba Inus and look like little teddy bears. Gosh, I could use a few puppy kisses.

  4. Awwwwww! She looks like she could be a twin to my Rukia!!! Be careful, Rukia is a little mischevious devil! I swear she riles Napoleon up, and gets into more trouble than three Poley’s combined! I bid you MUCH LUCK dealing with a new puggie puppy. They are willful creatures, but so loving and adorable.

  5. I neeeeeed one of those. We still can’t decide what kind of dog to get and I want a pug So. Bad. I’m off to show my husband this picture. Congratulations!

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