Zoe, ZoZo, Zoester

Zoe (it’s ZoEEEEE by the way. rhymes with Joey not Joe.) It drives Lisa nuts that we spell it this way, but that’s how it’s spelled. Means life. Zoe already has a couple of nicknames. Kiki doesn’t pay her much attention. Growls at her periodically. But she’s relaxing more around her now. Molly & Zoe have moved on from Molly being totally wigged out by her to full on playing mode. Zoe basically wakes up in the morning, attaches herself to Molly’s neck, and hangs there for the next 12 hours with brief breaks to eat and potty. Potty training is going great.

Last night Zoe & I went next door to Candice’s for movie night. We watched No Reservations. I love Abigail Breslyn & Aaron Eckhart but not this movie. It had a couple of cute moments but mostly it was sad and boring. Meanwhile Zoe charmed the pants right off of Candice, but especially Richie, Can’s German Shepherd mix. Richie is about 50 times bigger than Zoe but Zoe pranced right into their house, drank out of his water dish, and wrapped him around her little paw in no time. Zoe would jump up and bite his face and tail and he would just look at her with googy eyes and follow her all over the house. Candice called after I hobbled home to tell me that Richie was pacing and whining at the window pining for Zoe. She’s a little heartbreaker!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the last few days:click to enlarge Zoe doing a 1 arm handstand!Zoe!

More pics of Zoe taking over our world here.

And I know this isn’t Zoe, but I still love it. CSP brought me some beautiful flowers. They smell so good! CSP brought me gorgeous flowers to enjoy while I recover from knee surgery

12 thoughts on “Zoe, ZoZo, Zoester

  1. Zoe is adorable! Glad to hear the whole crew is getting along nicely with each other.

    Those flowers are beautiful. What a nice guy your CSP is.

  2. oh, i don’t know if i can stand any more pictures of her cause she is JUST.TOO.CUTE!!! i love molly looking at her like – what the heck is that lilttle thing doing in MY house.

  3. Zoe is killing me with her cuteness. She’s like the nirvana of cute. You need to send her pic over to cuteoverload.com immediately. More pics of Zoe please!

  4. I’m glad you’re recovering well and still keeping busy. What is going on with Zoe in the picture where she’s eating? Is she doing a handstand?!

  5. Oh I just Love her! you are kiling me over here with her cutness…I want a little Black Pug so bad. Can I borrow Zoe???
    OKAY? what the heck is she doing? It looks like she is trying to do a cartwheel!

  6. I love the name Zoe. I wanted to see “No Reservations,” but I was worried it would hold up to the original foreign film, “Mostly Martha.” I guess it didn’t.

  7. Zoe is spelled right… only thing missing is the double dots over the e… but the english language doesn’t have that so it is spelled right hehehe…

    But that photo of your nephew and the doll is too funny… Jeremy is scared of naked barbie dolls (and I don’t know why… and wanna know lol)… so I showed it to him… and said look even little boys have naked barbie dolls… he thinks that your nephew is going to be working on his macking skills for the ladies at school later lol…

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