T minus 4 hours

It is 3:17 am.  I can’t sleep.  CSP is at work.  Poor guy has to work all night then come home and drive me to surgery.  We have to be at the surgical joint at 7 for my 9am surgery.  I don’t know why it never really clicked in my head that I would be practically immobile for at least a couple days.  I’ve accepted a purse party invitation for Saturday night and even coordinated a ride since I can’t drive.  I need a Spring bag and come hell, high water, or surgery, my accessories will not suffer!I’ve lost my mind.  I have a feeling that at 6pm Saturday, instead of perusing adorable bags I will be knocked out and doped up on my sofa with my swollen knee under a pound of ice.  Hmmm maybe I can get a girl friend to snap some pictures of the bags for me and email them over.  Perhaps instead of brainstorming bag buying strategies I should go shave my legs and paint my toes.  I don’t want my doctor to have to hack through the growth to get to my knee.  And I should probably pick out a pair of cute panties.  Who knows what they talk about while you’re under anesthesia! 

14 thoughts on “T minus 4 hours

  1. Oh Shanny,
    You are well on your way to becomming bionic! Once you feel better and are mobile, go treat yourself to the purse of your dreams!

    And Zoe is adorable! congrats on the addition!

  2. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

    AND I love bags; what sort of bag are you looking for to take during springtime? Personally, I love the newest bag from Coach, Heritage Stripe collection in either Geranium or Grass. I can’t decide.

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