Kneed an update? See what I did there? With the pun? I’m on meds.

So you know those gorgeous flowers that CSP brought me? CSP brought me gorgeous flowers to enjoy while I recover from knee surgery Well they make him sick. Eyes watering, nose running. Now they are living next door with Candice. Yay for her, boo for me. Now I’ll never get flowers again!

Today we went and got my stitches out. The doctor gave me pictures of the insides of my knee. I need to scan it in but I’m loopy from pain meds so I’ll do that over the weekend. I can show you my knee pre stitch removal: click to enlarge, if you can stand the sexiness My poor knee post surgery I know I’m a big baby, but getting my stitches out bothers me more than going under! They poke you with those scissors and make you bleed!

I’m walking around pretty well. Still limping and I still can’t drive for 2 more weeks. And it still hurts. It’s still swollen and I’m still icing it. I can’t do a lap around the neighborhood, and stairs are still slow, but I can get around the house without my crutches now. yay!

In cuter news, we stuck Zoe in a few vessels and took her picture. Get ready to OD on cuteness. Seriously. You might want to sit down for these. Click to enlarge. Mixing up a batch of ZoeZoe in the colanderZoe in the cookie jar

14 thoughts on “Kneed an update? See what I did there? With the pun? I’m on meds.

  1. Yes, dying of cuteness here, too. I especially LOVE the one of her in the ladybug and flower vase. That could go on a calendar or card!

  2. With all four of my surgeries, getting the stitches out was the worst part. Esp!ecially because they were in my abdomen. Ouch. I have been dowloading pictures of Zoe and e-mailing them to my husband. I must convince him that we need a pug. I must!

  3. Glad you are getting your mobility back. When Niel had his knee surgery it took him a bit too. He couldn’t go to work without his crutches though and can you believe no one wuold give him a seat. Come on!

    Puppy dog is quite cute as always.

  4. omg the worse thing ever was having the drainage tube removed from my gastric bypass… ugh it hurt and felt sooo freaking strange at the same time…

    and those photos are too cute..

    btw… jeremy is allergic to flowers too… I have never gotten flowers ever… so at least you have gotten them lol…

  5. Oh Man I am with you…I hated having my stiches out too…eeek

    Zoe is ADORABLE…love the “Redwing” pitcher with Zoe in it…too cute!

  6. OMG!!!! She’s so friggin cute! I’ve been bugging Tony non-stop about getting another pug but I don’t think I’m getting any closer 😦

  7. my oh my… I have been slacking on my reading lately. First… congrats on the new family addition! So so so adorable. I can’t wait to get a little black girl myself! second, HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Me so horrible late! and last… hurry and feel better after surgery!

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  9. hi!
    i am a friend of nevis’s, and she pointed me over to meet zoe. it is so nice to meet you. what a cute puppy you have. great pictures!

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