Special surgical requests, Valentine’s Day, & puppy love

At the doctor’s office for my pre-op appointment we covered a lot of important topics:

Dr: Have you had any previous surgeries?

me: Yes. Would you like me to work my way back from the most recent?

CSP: (leans in toward doctor) You’re going to run out of space there. Might wanna get another sheet of paper.


me: Oh, and can you take pictures of the surgery?

Dr: Yes, we’ll be taking pictures during the surgery and I’ll show them to you at the follow up visit.

me: Can I have a copy?

Dr: Do you have pictures of all your surgeries?

me: Most of them.

Dr: What do you do with them? Show them to friends and family?

me: Yep.

Dr: Wow.

CSP: Well, you should have seen her uterus! It was scary!


In other news, CSP got all romantic on me and brought me a sweet card & 2 dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. Jon gave me roses for Valentine's day He had to work so we didn’t get to go out until late. Plus, just try and get a table at any restaurant around here on Valentine’s Day. We went to Carrabbas for a late dinner (we felt better after a couple came in behind us). It was the perfect time to go. When we got home we thought we’d try for a self timer shot since we were both dressed nicely. Plus, I wanted to try out my new gorillapod. Yeah, I know, I'm totally trying too hardI look ever so slightly insane from all the running back and forth to the camera and trying to get in position before the camera took the picture. Of course Molly had to get in on the action. She can’t be separated from her daddy for longer than 30 seconds without her head exploding. Just look at this scene from the other day: be sure to click to enlarge CSP & Molly need to just get a room. She’s all snuggled up against him, cheek to cheek. But she’s still got that one eye on me. Just to let me know she’s watching. To make sure I don’t try and move in on her man.

10 thoughts on “Special surgical requests, Valentine’s Day, & puppy love

  1. LOL! That’s quite a scrapbook … heheh. I’ve never seen surgical elements sold in the stores (but maybe I haven’t looked hard enough??).

  2. Ooo! I want a gorilla pod SO bad!!! You have to tell me how they work in reality. They look awesome in the package and on their website.

    And I simply ADORE the picture of Molly snuggled up against CSP, but how you worded it about how she’s got one eye on you kills me! You’re so funny!

    I LOVE the gorillapod! It’s amazing how it holds up the camera. I’ve wrapped it around chair backs & used it as a tripod. the feet are grippy so it doesn’t slide around. I totally recommend it! Get it on amazon though- cheaper than the Joby site and you get free shipping.

    And it’s true- Molly totally sees me as “the other woman”!

  3. that’s an awesome picture, molly looks so cute and posed. and you’re about the 100th person who has mentioned the gorillapod this week! i must get one.

  4. LOL loving the conversation with the Dr on the Pictures….I do remember the Uterus photo…lol Oh Shanny you always have a way of making me smile…My stomach still hurts form our meet up in Charlotte from laughing so hard….Gosh I Love you! mwahh xoxo

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