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Yesterday I loved myself and today I examine my faults.  At least I’m aware of my faults.  I don’t walk around thinking I’m anywhere near perfect, trust.

  • I take things personally.  I’m not super sensitive crying girl but I take things personally when I know I shouldn’t.  It’s weird.  In my head I’m like “stop it, it’s not like that” but I can’t help myself.
  • I get jealous.  Funnily enough, not about CSP.  I trust him totally.  Now, don’t you hussies go running off to try and snag him! ha!  I get friend jealous.  Like if I hear a friend is out with someone other than me.  Again, something my head knows is weird.  I don’t act on it or say anything, I just have a second or two of sulk.
  • I’m a planner, which is a good thing.  But when things don’t go according to plan I get out of sorts. The older I get the better I get at dealing with it, but it still sucks.
  • I have zero time management skills.  I’m almost always late for things.  I try really hard to get everywhere on time but it just doesn’t seem to happen.
  • I have anxiety.  Like to the point that I’m on meds for it.  That’s not something I can help so it’s not really a fault per se, but it contributes to the faults.  See above.
  • I start way too many projects at once.  This inevitably leads to not being able to finish everything in a timely manner.  Case in point: the scarf I’ve been knitting off and on for Morgan for over 2 years.
  • I don’t always stand up for myself like I should.
  • It drives me crazy when someone doesn’t like me.  I know I’m a nice person and a good friend so when someone doesn’t like me it blows my mind.
  • If I like something, like a movie for instance, and someone else doesn’t, it doesn’t make sense to me.
  • I can be really bossy.
  • I’m a terrible driver.  But I LOVE to drive.  People are mostly scared to be in the car with me.  My guardian angel is WORN OUT from saving my life all day.  But that angel is doing a great job cause I haven’t been in an accident or gotten a ticket in forever!
  • I’m messy.  In my head I’m uber organized.  I LOVE to be organized.  But I’m a mess.  When I cook it looks like we’ve been robbed.

Ok, better stop now or I’ll need to call my therapist!


5 thoughts on “Faulty”

  1. I think you’re awesome.

    You do have poor time management skills, but you make up for it in loyalty, personality, and all around genuineness.

    I love the line about the house looking robbed after cooking – me too!


      1. Dude I think we are twins separated at birth. (Except I already have a twin. And we weren’t separated at birth). Except for the being late and the driving, I have every one of those faults too!

        And I never got around to doing the post about things I like about me because I couldn’t think of anything. Obviously something I need to work on.


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