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On Jimmy Fallon the other night they talked about the worst date you’ve ever been on via hash tags on Twitter.  He received some hilarious responses.  Got me thinking about some of my terrible dates.  I kissed a LOT of frogs before I found CSP!

  • One guy took me to dinner at Olive Garden then to a movie.  He kept burping up his dinner all throughout the movie.  Stunk SO bad!  I had to go out for air so I wouldn’t throw up!
  • One guy told me we were going out for Mexican for dinner on our first date.  He took me to Taco Bell.
  • Another guy used a coupon for dinner, stopped at a vending machine and told me I’d better get my movie beverage and snacks at the machine, then I had to pay for my own movie.  I’m all for being frugal but come on!
  • The same guy (I can’t believe I gave him another chance!) and I went to a friend’s house for a barbeque.  Before we all sat down to eat Mr. CheapSkate made himself a sandwich to go, put it in a ziploc bag and put it by the door!  He said he was preparing for work the next day.  I broke up with him there and had someone else take me home!

Tell me about your worst date!

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  1. My worst date never happened. It was a blind date set up by my friend Ann and we were meeting at the light rail to go ot an Orioles game. I pulled into the parking lot and he was standing there with Black Hightop sneakers, high socks, Jean shorts and a shirt that was atleast a size to small. I pulled right out and went home. BLACK HIGH TOPS!


  2. I had a date in college with a guy. We went to dinner and when the check came he said “you were going to pay for your 1/2 right?” We then went to a movie at the DOLLAR THEATER and again, I had to pay for myself. The dollar theater people. He had all the charm and personality of a fork, so it was no big deal to never see him again.

    I also had a date once where the guy started telling me that he had recently gone to past life regression therapy. He found out that in his last life he was a woman, but “i’m coming to terms with it” I literally threw my hand in the air and shouted, CHECK PLEASE and go the heck out of there. Who says that on a first date?!! LOL


  3. Sit back – this is a long one!

    My college BFF’s boyfriend set me up with a friend of his who had just moved to our state. This friend had never met my BFF or me, so we all agreed to go on a double date together. My BFF and I were both meeting this man for the first time. Me, as his blind date, and her as his friend’s new girlfriend.

    When we arrived at the restaurant he was waiting at the bar. My BFF walked in first, and I was right behind her looking over her shoulder. The look on his face was one of “Oh shit! No!” A mix of panic and horror. I walked in next and was followed by my BFF’s boyfriend, who gestured toward me and said “This is Debbie.” The man visibly relaxed, but by that point I was PISSED.

    I think my BBF woman is beautiful, and was furious at his reaction to her. At the time, I was very thin and she was about 75 pounds heavier than I was. What this douche didn’t know was that I had recently lost 80+ pounds, and was as heavy (if not heavier) than she was at the time of the date. I had to endure dinner and a movie with them, and by the end of the evening had pretty much shut down and wasn’t saying anything at all. Thank God we went to a movie after dinner and didn’t have to converse! It wasn’t a situation where I could storm off and be indignant, without acknowledging what I saw.

    If she registered the look on his face, I’ll never know. I never brought it up to her, and fended off her questions with a “we just didn’t click.”

    To make matters worse, he called about 2 weeks later to explain to me how he could tell that I was really into him, but he wasn’t into me, and asked me to quit bugging my BFF’s boyfriend for another date! WTH? I hadn’t said anything to the BFF’s boyfriend, and had been deflecting his questions about when we could all go out again! Turns out, the BF was trying really hard to do that “other couple thing” and thought if he pushed the guy into dating me it would work out for all of us. Not!

    I found my voice and basically told him that I saw how he reacted to my friend, thought he was a real judgemental ass, and said told him to stop flattering himself; it was the worst date I’ve ever been on and there’s no way in Hell I’d ever go out with him again. I also told him to never speak of his opinion of my friend to her BF, because they were happy and in love. My friend’s BF was a better man and he should take some lessons from him!

    I only saw this guy one other time, and it was at my BFF and her boyfriend’s wedding 2 years later. They made us dance together because we were both in the wedding party, which was very small. As we were dancing he tried to make nice, and my response was, “Don’t talk to me. You’re still a dick.”



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