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Specs & Bangs

Last summer I was outfitted with glasses.  I’m still not used to them!  I forget they’re on all the time.  I try to scratch my eye and poke myself right in the glasses.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten in the shower with them on and it’s very awkward when I try to put my CPAP mask on my head and my glasses are in the way!  I do like the way they help me see though.  I only have to wear them for task related things but isn’t everything you do a task?  In an unrelated note, I’m back to wearing bangs.  I asked CSP if he liked me better with or without bangs and he said “Oh God WITH!”  Okaaaay…who knew for the last 8 or so years I’ve been running around with no bangs that he’s been secretly wishing and hoping for some hair to cover my five-head?

5 thoughts on “Specs & Bangs”

  1. Lisa…I thought the same thing about her looking like Gigi in this picture.

    I’m digging the bangs. I would never have known to say something to you because I suck at that. What about me…Should I start rocking some bangs? or keep it long and squirrely like it is?


    1. Susan, Lisa is great at telling you that kind of thing. Shoot her an email with a current pic. I don’t think she’s seen you with your long hair! Gigi is good at it too since she used to be a hair stylist. I personally like you with short hair. Maybe it’s because that’s how you wore it when I met you so when you grew it out my brain got confused!


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