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What do you love about you?  I saw that as a status update on a friend’s Facebook page.  Got me thinking.  I think periodically we should think about what we love about ourselves.  Give ourselves a lil pat on the back.  So here goes:

First, the physical:

  • I have good hair.  Sure, it’s baby fine, thin and a little on the frizzy side lately, but it seems to do pretty well most days.  I’m a natural blonde.  Well, I was when I was younger.  Now I’m a chemically enhanced blonde.
  • I have good lips.  They are nice and full with good color.
  • My teeth are pretty white and pretty straight.  This is a minor miracle considering I never had braces.
  • I have a pink natural blush to my cheeks.  It may or may not be rosacea but let’s just go with natural blush.
  • I have a fairly decent complexion.  This is HUGE considering the rest of my skin is a mess.  I have severe eczema and I’m white to the point I’m practically flammable.

Now, for the not so physical.

  • I’m pretty crafty.  I can paint, knit (sort of), make jewelry, take decent pictures, scrapbook etc.  And I’m great at doing makeup.
  • I have nice handwriting.
  • I’m a good story teller.
  • I’m a good friend.
  • I’m fairly witty (I’ve been told).
  • I’m a great gift giver.

Alright, I better stop.  Don’t want to give myself a big head.  Ha!  So what do YOU love about YOU?

2 thoughts on “<3 me”

  1. I’m smart
    I’m confident
    I’m snarky as Hell
    I’m loyal
    I’m a veritable potpourri of useless celebrity trivia
    I have great hair


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