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The heat must bring out the rude in people

I may be the only person in the Carolinas who’s not looking forward to Summer.  I sometimes wish we lived in Canada or Alaska so it would stay cool all year.  Mainly because I don’t like wearing shorter sleeves.  Not because of the sleeves themselves, but the people.  Recently I was out and about and ran into a woman I’ve met maybe 3 times.  I was wearing a shirt with 3/4 length sleeves.  Actually it was the Penelope shirt!  The woman looked at me and instead of the normal Hello greeting she said “Girl, what the hell is going on with your arms???”  I was mortified.  I have severe eczema and it really affects my forearms.  I don’t know why I don’t have it on places no one can see.  I’m used to people looking at me funny, esp at drive thrus or other places where I’m exchanging money for goods.  People look at my arms like I’ve been a victim of an acid attack.  And frankly, that is what it looks like.  During the winter (when I get to wear long sleeves, natch) my eczema is better.  When it starts to get warm out the heat flares it up and the patches look really red and angry.  But that DOES NOT give anyone the right to embarrass me like that!  And in front of people!  I would never look back at her and say anything like “Girl, what is UP with your hair?”

If you are unfamiliar with eczema and what it looks like, my arms look very similar to this: It’s not fun.  Luckily I have pretty good self esteem and a husband who thinks I’m beautiful even with my spots. Now, before you start listing all the “cures” for eczema, please know that while I appreciate it, I’ve heard – and tried- them all before.  I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years.  I’ve tried every bath, cream, pill, spray, balm that you could think of.  Bottom line is that there is no cure, only temporary remedies.   Just do me this favor- please teach your children to not stare.  That eczema and psoriasis and the like are not contagious.  That unwanted comments are just that- unwanted.  That the only license you could have to make comments would be a medical license.  And if you weren’t aware of this, now you know.  I really don’t want to go through another summer having to educate the ignorant in how to be polite.

3 thoughts on “The heat must bring out the rude in people”

  1. Eczema is the worst. Bella has it off and on – it goes hand in hand with food allergies unfortunately.

    luckily we found a great body wash/shampoo that keeps it under control. poor thing gets it on her scalp and has had bald patches. at first we thought it might be alopecia – thank god it wasn’t! eczema we can deal with – no problem!

    so we definitely know about the staring. big hugs to you~!


  2. Hi,

    That’s a total bummer about your eczema. I have been studying it lately with a derm because I have a new job working for a haircare company that is launching a product line and professional haircolor especially for hairdressers and clients with eczema/allergies as there is no ammonia, PPD or other harsh chemicals. It’s launching in the states mid-year and it’s called Original & Mineral, ( As soon as it’s launched there I’ll arrange for some product to be sent to you if you are interested to try it.


  3. Ah, I have struggled with ezcema on my legs off and on for the last 12 or so years, and it’s so frustrating–not just the appearance but the constant itching. Sadly the thing that really helps mine is the tanning bed, which of course has the downside of cancer 😦

    I hope your ezcema goes away! Mine has improved dramatically and almost disappeared at times, but I have no idea why.


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