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Summer Loves

When I love something I like to share it with my peeps. I don’t get paid for pimpin out my Summer loves and I don’t get swag either.  I sure wouldn’t turn either one down though! 🙂

  • Mega Shower Foamer200This stuff seriously works.  I loathe cleaning the shower and bathtub.  I’d seriously rather clean multiple toilets instead.  I found this Mega Shower Foamer and tried it and it is insane how well it works.  No scrubbing involved.  NONE.  Just spray and your shower is clean. Love.
  • Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain ~ I tweeted about this lip stain after I saw an ad and got mixed reviews on my Facebook page.  I bought 2 tubes when CVS was running a BOGO 1/2 off sale.  I bought Everbloom Kiss & Teasing Blush.  Odd names but good stuff.  You’ve gotta put it on when your lips are dry and free from any other product.  cover-girl-outlast-lipstains Then I let it dry and top with gloss.  This stain goes on so lightweight you’d never know you had product on at all.  And it LASTS.  First time I tried it I put it on at 8 pm.  Ate dinner, drank beverages, lived my life.  Went to bed at 12:30 am and it was still going strong!  Anything that will last through eating and drinking is fab in my book!  I let my mom & sisters try it and they loved it too!
  • Pampered Chef Executive Cookware ~ I may have blogged about this before, but it bares repeating.  Every time I cook and especially every time I wash dishes I am thankful we bought this cookware.  2862I had a party in the month of September when they run the cookware host special.  I made sure to get my sales up there so I could get the maximum discount.  Even if I hadn’t got the discount, this cookware would be worth the price.  It cleans like a DREAM.  Nothing sticks! We’ve given pieces of this cookware to both sets of parents and they also rave about it.  My favorite piece is the stir fry skillet2864I use it for everything from stir fry to spaghetti sauce to chili.  Now, you could go buy cheap pots and pans that you have to replace every 3-5 years or you could make an investment in cookware you’ll have forever.  Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty so you know it’s money well spent.
  • AAA ~ We’re going to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday this year.  While there we are going to see the Blue Man Group.  When I was looking at ticket prices I noticed that AAA members received savings of $40 per ticket!  We had just received a special offer in the mail to join AAA for a discounted price.  I called AAA and joined.  I chatted up the rep a bit so I was able to get us upgraded to AAA plus and add CSP on for free.  Woot! 501px-AAA_logo.svg As soon as our cards arrived I called and bought our Blue Man tickets.  I’ve already saved more than the membership costs!  I also ordered tour books for all of our upcoming trips.  They sent these great, informative books with info on everything you could think of!  Everything from hotels to restaurants to attractions.  They also sent maps and personalized booklets about our trips.  We are all set!  When the cards came CSP was pleased to see that while mine was made out to plain old Shannon his says Mr. CSP.  “That’s right!  You can call me MR. from now on!”  Who knew a Triple A membership came with an ego boost?!