Blew me away

CSP & I were at Lowe’s the other day and I snuck a hummingbird feeder into the buggy. He didn’t think it was going to work. That I’d fill it up with nectar and it would sit lonely in the back yard. 030539970406md-1Within 24 hours 3 hummingbirds had declared our feeder to be their new nectar joint! Yay! I hung it on a shepherd’s hook. Since it drew a small crowd CSP was on board with adding another feeder to the other side of the hook. One of the male hummers is a little territorial and he’d been running some birds off from the feeder. We thought 2 would make it easier on him. By the way, CSP named them Hector, Heather & Pat. Pat because we can’t tell if one is a girl or boy.  We set up the feeder so we can watch them from inside the screened porch.  I’ll try and get pics soon.  They are so fast!

Anyway, back to Lowe’s we go. On the way we saw a Walmart truck & CSP remarked that it must be lost as there weren’t any Walmarts where we were. Or so we thought! They had built a new Walmart seemingly overnight without us knowing a thing about it. So we decided to check it out and see if they had hummingbird feeders there. We went in through the lawn & garden section and they had these ginormous fans! Biggest ceiling fan I've ever seen! Gale force winds! I’ve never seen anything like it! This Walmart was clean, had nice people, and I didn’t see a single child getting beat like we usually do.  They also had a better hummingbird feeder.  One with a perch going all the way around it and it was only $3.88.  We might actually return!

3 thoughts on “Blew me away”

    1. You totally should! We love watching them! Plus, it’s so cheap- just sugar water! Once they get comfy I’m gonna see can I hand feed them.


  1. Haha new walmarts are fun because they are clean and not the least bit trashy. We have 2 within 10 minutes of us, 1 with 20 and a 4th about 45 minutes away and that is the one we go to. It is also the only super walmart with complete grocery section in BC. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the hummingbird pictures!!


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