In case you missed it…

Buried at the bottom of my trip report on the last visit to Valle Crucis was a bunch of pictures we took on the last night.  Fun with glow sticks Papa, Gigi, Sara & Momo lined up on the porch with their glow sticks. Jake & Joey provided sideline art with their glow sticks. I stood in the lawn & set my shutter speed to slooow. I timed it out and gave them a 3 count beat. I’d say “Ready, go. 1,2,3.” During the 3 count they would draw their letters. We had to practice a bit but then we all got really good at it. I’m very pleased with the results! We took a bunch of glow stick pictures and we also played with sparklers. Making shapes with sparklers I know it’s a little tooting of my own horn kind of thing but they are just so fun! Click here to see all the shots.

Members Only

After I uploaded my recent Valle Crucis pictures to flickr I looked for a Valle Crucis flickr group. View of the Valle from Dutch Creek Trails in Valle Crucis, NC There wasn’t one so I started one.  We’re already up to 11 members. I love looking at my favorite spot through other peoples’ eyes. If you’ve ever visited VC & have pics, please join our group and post your photos!

Summer Loves

When I love something I like to share it with my peeps. I don’t get paid for pimpin out my Summer loves and I don’t get swag either.  I sure wouldn’t turn either one down though! 🙂

  • Mega Shower Foamer200This stuff seriously works.  I loathe cleaning the shower and bathtub.  I’d seriously rather clean multiple toilets instead.  I found this Mega Shower Foamer and tried it and it is insane how well it works.  No scrubbing involved.  NONE.  Just spray and your shower is clean. Love.
  • Cover Girl Outlast Lip Stain ~ I tweeted about this lip stain after I saw an ad and got mixed reviews on my Facebook page.  I bought 2 tubes when CVS was running a BOGO 1/2 off sale.  I bought Everbloom Kiss & Teasing Blush.  Odd names but good stuff.  You’ve gotta put it on when your lips are dry and free from any other product.  cover-girl-outlast-lipstains Then I let it dry and top with gloss.  This stain goes on so lightweight you’d never know you had product on at all.  And it LASTS.  First time I tried it I put it on at 8 pm.  Ate dinner, drank beverages, lived my life.  Went to bed at 12:30 am and it was still going strong!  Anything that will last through eating and drinking is fab in my book!  I let my mom & sisters try it and they loved it too!
  • Pampered Chef Executive Cookware ~ I may have blogged about this before, but it bares repeating.  Every time I cook and especially every time I wash dishes I am thankful we bought this cookware.  2862I had a party in the month of September when they run the cookware host special.  I made sure to get my sales up there so I could get the maximum discount.  Even if I hadn’t got the discount, this cookware would be worth the price.  It cleans like a DREAM.  Nothing sticks! We’ve given pieces of this cookware to both sets of parents and they also rave about it.  My favorite piece is the stir fry skillet2864I use it for everything from stir fry to spaghetti sauce to chili.  Now, you could go buy cheap pots and pans that you have to replace every 3-5 years or you could make an investment in cookware you’ll have forever.  Plus it comes with a lifetime warranty so you know it’s money well spent.
  • AAA ~ We’re going to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday this year.  While there we are going to see the Blue Man Group.  When I was looking at ticket prices I noticed that AAA members received savings of $40 per ticket!  We had just received a special offer in the mail to join AAA for a discounted price.  I called AAA and joined.  I chatted up the rep a bit so I was able to get us upgraded to AAA plus and add CSP on for free.  Woot! 501px-AAA_logo.svg As soon as our cards arrived I called and bought our Blue Man tickets.  I’ve already saved more than the membership costs!  I also ordered tour books for all of our upcoming trips.  They sent these great, informative books with info on everything you could think of!  Everything from hotels to restaurants to attractions.  They also sent maps and personalized booklets about our trips.  We are all set!  When the cards came CSP was pleased to see that while mine was made out to plain old Shannon his says Mr. CSP.  “That’s right!  You can call me MR. from now on!”  Who knew a Triple A membership came with an ego boost?!

More Mountain Hijinks

While we were in Valle Crucis Papa took us to visit a friend of his who’d just built a palace house. cabins_4606 OMG it was amazing.  It’s available for rent. It has this amazing wrap around porch that I swear is bigger than my house. Joey enjoying a beverage on DCoy's porch We toured the house then sat out on the porch and watched the hummingbirds for a while. Hummingbird coming to feed at DCoy's porch It’s hard to get a good shot of the birds without it being blurry because of their million mile an hour wings!

After hanging out at DCoy’s for a while we went to see the horses at Papa’s cousin’s horse trail riding place.  No idea what you call that. Horses & rooster at Dutch Creek Trails in Valle Crucis After visiting the horses we had dinner then went to the go kart joint.  OMG the boys had SO much fun! The whole gang go karting in Boone, NC First they rode with a grown up in the big carts on the big track. Then they were able to drive their own karts. Jacob in his own little go kart.  Such concentration! When Jacob got in his car the worker dude asked him if he knew which pedal made it go and which made it stop. Jacob said “I only want the one that makes it go.” Joey in his own little go kart.  They see me rollin.

There was a gyroscope at the park. Gigi & I were dying to see someone ride it. One kid bought a ticket but was too scared so he turned it back in. One of the worker guys had a shirt on that said 100% Guapo. So Mom yelled “Hey, 100%! Come here!” He came over and we talked him into demonstrating the gyroscope! Continue reading

High Country Hijinks

So, what did we do while in the mountains for a week?  We visited the Mast General Store Mast store all decked out for Independence Day a few times, like we always do.  While driving in and out of the Valle we noticed bunny hutches across from the Mast Farm Inn. Mast Farm Inn So one day we stopped to visit the bunnies. Bunny at Mast Farm Inn trying to squeeze through the bars to get some lovin So cute!  They were really friendly and let us cuddle with them.  They had bee houses there too. Bee houses at Mast Farm Inn Bees are not as cuddly.   The day we visited the bunnies and bees was girls’ day.  Papa was home with the boys while us girls went into Boone for lunch and shopping.  I scored a great deal on 600 thread count king size sheets at The Shoppes at Farmer’s Hardware.  Only $25!  Woot!

We grabbed lunch at Tupelo’s World CafeMomo & Gigi at Tupelo's World Cafe in Boone, NC It was wonderful!  Sara & I at Tupelo's World Cafe in Boone, NC We’ll definitely go there again.  We normally go into Blowing Rock for our lunch/shopping adventures but decided to go to Boone this time.  So glad we did!  While there Gigi bought Momo, Sara & I sursies.  She got me a very cool monogrammed garden flag for the house. images You know us Southern women love our monograms!

On the way back to the Valle we noticed all these roads that shoot off from the main road.  Roads we’ve always wanted to explore.  So I turned down a few.  Some went straight up the mountain.  We saw AMAZING houses.  Some went down the mountain.  Some were so rough and narrow and steep that we all thought death was near.  We were screaming so much going down a couple roads that on 2 occasions men came out on to their decks to see what was all the commotion.  Who knew those were private drives?  We made it back to the house alive, thank goodness!

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Valle girl

I’m home from spending most of last week in Valle Crucis.  If you aren’t familiar with Valle Crucis, NC it is pronounced Valley Croosiss and means Valley of the Cross.  I love it so much up there.  It’s my favorite place to be.  Time slows.  I knit in the rocking chair on the front porch and watch the tourists go in and out of the Mast Store.  Mast store all decked out for Independence Day As the sun sets we sometimes catch a glimpse of deer run across the yard.  It’s not nearly as hot there as it is in Charlotte, and sometimes at night people throw on jackets and sweaters- even in July.

We played lots of games (Scattergories was a favorite this trip) and ate all our meals together at the old table in the kitchen.  We went out for a couple of lunches, browsed through the Mast store, visited our favorite pet store in town, and rented a few movies.   I still have tons of pics to edit, but for now I’ll leave you with these pics here.  I’ll be back with details and more pics soon!

She’ll be coming ’round the mountain

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!  Today we were in Columbia, SC for Aunt Gaddy’s 100th birthday!  I’m heading up to the mountain house for a few days of family vacation tomorrow. Unfortunately CSP has a big project at work and couldn’t take off to join us. My BIL Marc works for the same company in the same position so he’s in the same boat. We’ll miss our big boys, but the little boys will be with us. We have spotty cell service up there but I’ll Twitter throughout the week. Follow me!  I’ll update here with pics when I get home.  Enjoy your week!