Vegas: Digs

When we went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon in March 2001, we stayed at the Paris.  We loved it.  It was our first time in Vegas and the Paris was all new and swanky.  For this trip I researched prices on lots of hotels on the strip but coincidentally got the best rate (in a decent hotel with good reviews) at the Paris.  We were there Sunday- Thursday night for $49.50 a night.  Woot!  We already knew we loved the location of the Paris- right on the strip across from the Bellagio, at the heart of the strip near all the good hotels.  We were interested to see how the Paris had held up over the last 8 years and with a change in management.  In 2001 the Paris was a Hilton hotel but now it’s part of the Harrah’s company.

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Vegas: Eats

There are so many restaurant choices in Las Vegas, it’s enough to make your head spin.  We only made one reservation for dinner before we arrived in Vegas.  We had three other places in mind where we knew we wanted to eat.  Other than that we winged it.  To keep budget friendly we ate a super light breakfast each day.  Just a muffin from JJ’s downstairs.  Then we’d be able to splurge on our other meals. **lots of photos after the jump**

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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

162467-11-welcome-to-fabulous-las-vegas-august-2007I’m finally ready and able to tell you all about our Vegas trip! For those who haven’t been, GO!!! So many people say “well I don’t gamble, so what would I do?”. There’s SO MUCH more to do in Vegas besides gambling! Instead of a play by play, day by day, trip report, I decided to tell you about it in a different way this time. I’ll tell you all about dining in one post, entertainment in another, etc. And I’ll tell you how we did it all on a budget. I’m all about saving money. Continue reading

Viva Ocho!

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Bless Your Heart is years old today! Yay!

To celebrate I’m giving away 8 free pairs of earrings to lucky readers! If you’d like to win a pair, leave a comment with your name, email, blog address (if applicable), favorite color, and an example of when you thought, or said “Bless Your Heart” to or about someone. For those who aren’t that familiar with the phrase or its usage, we in the South like to bless people’s hearts. Sometimes it’s out of sympathy, compassion, or tenderness: “Bless your heart, you just can’t catch a break!” or “Bless your heart, you baked me a pie!” Sometimes it’s something you say (silently) to yourself: “Bless her heart, she thinks that dress looks good on her.”
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