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Tiny Bladders Rejoice!

mens-room-contemporary-restroom FINALLY there is a resource online for those of us who can’t sit through a long movie without having to run pee. is so awesome I can barely contain myself!  They screen all the new movies that are currently out in the theater.  Then they post the best times to go pee.  And it’s easy to follow too.  You don’t have to time the movie or anything.  Example:  You’re going to see The Hangover.  RunPee will tell you that you have approx 4 minutes to run pee right after Phil calls the fiancee.  Then, if you want to see what you’ve missed, just click and they give you an outline of the scene you peed through!  Genius!  Most movies have at least 2 pee times.  Plus, they tell you if you should stay for the credits.  You know how some movies play extra scenes and whatnot during the credits.  There is also an iPhone app!  I know, I know, I agree- these people need an award or something!